Women's Circles Testimonials

Karina Dharma
Spiritual Mentor | Shamanic Practitioner

Empowering ambitious female leaders to heal their lineage and activate their personal power + purpose

If you are a woman on her spiritual journey, and you are looking for a community of women with whom you can share your struggles with, and bounce off ideas ⬇️

I highly recommend Karina’s women's circles! Karina is in integrity with her personal truth, and holds a beautiful space for women to fully embody their feminine essence, and feel supported along the way. 

I am infinitely grateful for her devotion to her practice, and will continue to work with her in the future 💕


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Karina’s women’s circles have been really powerful for me. To be honest, I would say that I had some resistance to joining the circles at times. I think it's because I have to choose to prioritize myself. I tell myself stories that “I can do this new moon on my own” and “ I am busy - I’ll do it later”…

When I join I always feel 1000x better, and I never knew I needed the session. I’ve been to a few of her circles now, both in person and online. Both are incredibly powerful. She always makes me cry in the best way.

I recently joined her new moon at the end of the 
year and it really helped me realize how much I need to stop and reflect. In that reflection, I took a moment to connect and to see my power. It was as if self doubt was silenced and my authentic power came forward.

I am excited to join more of her circles in the future and highly recommend them! Especially for the high achieving business owners who believe “I don’t have time” and “I’ll do it later”…

There is no later.... Just do it now, you’ll thank yourself later for taking time to yourself ☺️



Attending Karina's women's circles has given me an anchor in Tulum, for which I am so grateful. It is such a joy to be in a room full of strong, loving, passionate women doing the work of becoming conscious, intuitive and powerful women.

 It is truly an experience of co-empowerment: celebrating each other's gifts and supporting and witnessing each other's vulnerabilities and struggles. I leave knowing that I am not alone, with a full heart, and with tremendous compassion for the human experience.

 Karina holds space with love, presence, and feminine power.

I just experienced my first women’s circle with Karina. It was very special, and the space she created was safe, warm and loving.

We had to share our celebrations of 2022, and I felt like I was sharing it with my best friends, but in reality, I haven’t met any of the girls before. It was so heart-warming and safe to share our deepest feelings.

 I understood, that I’m not alone in my journey, in my shadow work. And we are all there for each other. 
Thanks for this beautiful experience ✨




I attended Karina’s online women’s circle and found it transformational. I had been so busy working multiple jobs and juggling classes that I lost touch with myself.

The online women’s circle was a chance to reconnect with myself and why I’m working so hard. I worked on letting go of my fear of the unknown and giving up control over everything and learning to trust the journey and myself.

Karina provided the space for me to let go and create my new reality in a supportive environment with several incredible women.

Karina’s women's circles are such a warm and healing container ☺️

The space is so beautifully held, and you will feel safe to reveal your wounds with others which is such an important step towards raising the collective vibration💛 

Getting together with incredible sisters to remember that we are unconditional love? Hell yes!



Karina is a true medicine woman. After attending a few of her ceremonies, it made me realize how dedicated and open hearted she is.

She holds a very safe and judgement free space where I feel seen, heard and loved. The ability to hold a strong container makes me feel safe to release my emotions and tensions, cry if I want to or just be present and connect with likeminded individuals.

I have so much love and gratitude for the work she does!

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!


Karina's women's circles have been very special and intimate. I've connected with a group of wonderful women.

The manifestation rituals have been especially powerful as I've been able to open up and release things that I have been holding back.

I am thankful to the safe space Karina creates.

Deeply grateful! ❤️

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Karina has been a mentor of mine since beginning of 2022. I was lucky enough to join her magical ceremonies at her in person Retreat in Tulum, which were absolutely transformational for me.

Throughout all the different ceremonies with Karina, I was able to connect with myself on such a deeper level.

The way she holds space for others and how intuitively she guides you through the ceremonies, is very healing. This is why I was so excited when she finally launched her online circles, as I am now able to join her from anywhere in the world.

Karina is such a beautiful soul and she welcomes everyone with open arms. She creates an absolute safe space with beautiful sisters from all around the world where I always feel comfortable to be open and vulnerable, to share my feelings and emotions, to cry and to laugh ❤️

It is always so beautiful to experience how women from every walk of life come together, support one another and build a sisterhood online. I always feel so empowered and grounded after Karina’s ceremonies and I cannot wait to join many more ✨