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Karina Dharma
 Shamanic Practitioner | Medicine Woman

Empowering women to heal their ancestral lineage, reclaim their personal power and activate their unique gifts & purpose

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I did a drum session with Karina. It was beautiful 💖

I have never experienced anything like it before. Before we did the session I was stressed from my day and we had the opportunity to heal some things I didn’t even know I needed to process.

After the session I felt calm and relaxed. I’ve experienced a few of Karina’s offerings and her energy is incredible. She makes the space feel safe for you to be able to move through emotions!

I highly recommend ANY of her offers and getting as close to her as you can!


So grateful to have experienced a session with this powerful woman.

 Karina created, held & maintained such a safe and loving space to meditate & feel raw and seen.

The shamanic drumming was moving, and Karina knew how to use her voice softly and firmly, in all the right moments.

It was so magical and I cannot recommend this experience more.

Thank you!


Karina’s Shamanic Drum Journey took me deep into the underworld allowing me to connect with my ancestors on an even more heartfelt level.

I was easily able to let go and surrender to her medicine, feeling safe and protected. My journey was absolutely beautiful, I was surrounded by trees in the forest, butterflies & fireflies lighting my path, my Owl spirit (connected to my Grandfather Al) was protecting me as my jaguar spirit led me to my ancestors who were waiting so lovingly for my arrival. It was magic!

But even more magic took place the next day when I received a text from my mom that my step Grandmother had passed away the day before. I immediately got the information from my Guides and Ancestors that my journey with Karina had prepared the arrival of my Grandmother to be reunited with my Grandfather. I felt them both so happy. They thanked me for following my path & for trusting Karina to be my Guide.

This was just another reminder that death is beautiful and the work we are doing together is more profound than we could ever even imagine. I am forever grateful!


During my cord cutting ceremony with Karina, I was able to cut off any energetic cord that I had with exes, or people that didn’t serve my highest good with love.

I felt an immediate rush of energy after and from the moment we started the drumming journey all the way until the end, I was taken into another realm. One where I felt connected to my deep ancient roots, and where I felt the intense truth of my soul.

I highly recommend her work to anyone who is looking to connect deeper to their soul and let go of what no longer serves them in order to align with what does. ❤️❤️


I just had my first shamanic drum journey & shamanic energy healing sessions with Karina. I can honestly say that it was an incredible experience for me.

Karina is such a great guide from the beginning to the end. You can tell she knows what she’s doing. 
From the drums, to the rattles, to the calming music, to the words of wisdom & guidance, she provided a flawless ceremony for me.

I felt much lighter, clear headed & determined to step into my higher power once we finished. She is a true healer!!! 

10/10 recommend!


I had a healing session with Karina. I had to say that from the beginning I felt comfortable and relaxed. Karina is very trustworthy and knowledgeable.

During the shamanic drum journey I was able to see and meet my animals spirits.

 This journey was so smooth and enlightening. Something I recommend to go through. It is so important as it helps you to understand yourself better. I feel much better after the session and looking forward for more.

 I learned more how to be able to focus on my healing and abundance.

 Thank you Karina.



I experienced the shamanic drum journey with Karina and it was wonderful.

I met my totem animal, and I worked through some past trauma which was super helpful.

Even after, I had a complete shift in a habit/reaction that I usually resort to, which was directly related to my journey with Karina.

I’m ecstatic that I was able to integrate and heal that part of my life, and it’s taken root already, making changes and making me a better person!

Don't hesitate. Book it!


Experiencing a shamanic drum healing ceremony with Karina was incredible!

From the way she explained everything, listened and integrated my intentions, and channeled with such radiance, I was fully immersed in a beautiful meditative journey.

 She holds space for others so well and makes you feel completely comfortable throughout your journey.

I definitely recommend this experience and am already looking forward to another one with her! 


I loved my session with Karina.

The spirit animal journey was super exciting and it gave me an insight to what animals supported my different chakras and energetic centers. The shamanic drums were amazing too!

I felt like meeting my spirit animals helped me gained clarity in areas in my life such as self-expression and my sexuality. The types of animals that came to mind and were presented me have characteristics which I have always identified with but maybe lost along the way.

It was a beautiful reminder of how multi-faceted we are and that we are never alone on our journey!

Highly Recommend this experience!


I felt like I could really feel my emotions in my body and let go of negativity with the vibrations and sounds from the drums.

Karina sent me into a journey where I was able to tap into the quantum field without getting distracted by external distractions/thoughts.

 Karina’s shamanic session really helped me stay present and let go of anything that wasn’t serving me…

I felt so much more calm and present after that session and would highly recommend if you are feeling out of place or in need of an energetic shift! 


Who is This For?

If you're ready to explore alternative healing modalities or study shamanic tools & earth centered practices, this is for you. During this powerful experience, you will be safely guided into the underworld, middle world or upper world to transmute pain into power depending on your intention.

1) Inner Child Healing - Reunite with your inner child to understand the root of the wound(s) by forgiving yourself and those that may have hurt you.

2) Soul Retrieval - Re-integrate the soul parts of you that may have been lost due to shock from a challenging past event.

3) Cord Cutting - Release any energetic ties with people or partners of the past that may be draining your energy

4) Meeting Your Spirit Guides - Meet your totem (power) animal, spirits animals in all 7 chakras.

5) Meet Your Ancestors - Break karmic cycles, generational programs and patterns that are not yours to carry.

6) Connect to Your Higher Self/Guides - Journey into the upper world to connect to the angels that guide/support you and connect to the vision of your highest timeline.

Are you ready for a deep healing experience? 

Opening: Set your intentions in a safe space where you will be seen and heard. We will cleanse your auric field and protect you with palo santo.

Sound Bath: Surrender to the shamanic sounds of ancestral instruments and be guided through a meditation that will allow you to relax and open yourself up to the healing journey.

The Journey: Prepare to transition and enter a deep hypnosis like meditative state to journey deep into the shamanic realms. You will be guided into a deep state through the power of the visualization, voice and shamanic sounds. Receive guidance and clarity on your path.

Closing Integration: Share your experience and reflect on how you will integrate what you received into your daily life.

The Experience:


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