Sacred Shamanic Psilocybin Ceremonies

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I feel incredibly blessed to have been a part of such a beautiful, safe, and heartwarming psilocybin ceremony with The Medicine Couple last Friday evening. It was my first time with this medicine, and I honestly didn't know what to expect. The gratitude I feel for being part of this transformative experience with Karina, Kike, and the other participants is truly profound.

During the ceremony, I experienced a sense of safety, support, and love that I haven't felt in a very long time. Struggling with depression and CPTSD for years, I sensed a beautiful shift within me after Friday's ceremony. The sound bath and the Icaros from Karina and Kike were not only moving but also served as beautiful guides through my journey. It was nothing short of a magical experience.

I initially hesitated to attend due to my own trust issues, but I'm incredibly thankful that I did. The ceremony helped break down some of the barriers I had built around myself. The aura and energy that The Medicine Couple exude are truly magical, and the space they create is safe, gentle, and filled with love.

My deepest gratitude to the ancestors who guided us and to Karina and Kike for accommodating my healing journey. I have immense respect for the incredible work that both of you do – you are both naturals at creating a space for profound transformation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Aho 🙏🏼💙🪶🦅


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I made the decision to take part in a Shamanic Psilocybin Ceremony led by Karina and Enrique, something I had contemplated for quite some time.

After connecting with Karina and having a connect call, I felt confident that she was the perfect person to navigate me through this unique experience.

Throughout the ceremony, I felt an incredible sense of safety, surrounded by amazing participants, and the medicine music added an otherworldly dimension to the entire event. 

During my journey, I encountered individuals from my past and revisited challenging life events. This entire process felt like the equivalent of attending 50 therapies, spiritual seminars and workshops simultaneously.

The impact on me was profoundly positive; I initiated numerous new projects, and both my mental and physical health improved.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Karina and Enrique for guiding me on this transformative journey, and I encourage others to answer this calling.


I feel so much love and gratitude for the ceremony I participated in. For the ones that shared and held space, thank you. I truly felt a deep connection to the earth and ancestors of this land as I was guided through my journey.

 The medicine didn’t give me what I asked for when I set my intentions. However, the medicine did give me exactly what I needed. That’s what I love about plant medicine is this type of guided setting. I fully connected to my inner self. It was a powerful experience, full of so many emotions: rage, anger, sadness, joy and most of all LOVE.

 A deep connection to love of the earth, all beings and myself. The musical journey carried me through my experience. An experience that I’ll hold close to my heart forever.

 The Medicine Couple provided a safe and welcoming space for all who attended. A place of love, acceptance and free from all judgement. They truly are incredible healers and guides that allow you to be free and vulnerable in a warm and welcoming environment. I’m truly so very grateful for my experience with them and would recommend them to anyone looking to connect on a deeper level.


I have known Karina since 2021 and I've been watching her evolve on her path as a facilitator of spiritual experiences, and have been actively participating in the practices with her since then. 

She is totally devoted to her vocation and she is consistently investing a lot of time and money into her study/growth as a healer, as well as into her personal growth which is crucial for providing a secure and safe experience for others. 

Whether it's a women's circle, a shamanic drum journey or a plant medicine ceremony, the containers that Karina holds, creates and facilitates are always safe spaces.  

The sacred shamanic psilocybin ceremonies that she facilitates with her partner Enrique empower every soul to have spiritual transformation of personal growth. The Medicine Couple demonstrate full acceptance of others, take responsibility and initiate healthy boundaries in their containers..
I love the powerful and deep healing songs and sounds that are in abundance and harmony with the ceremonial flow. I especially appreciate that both Karina and Kike invite and encourage the participants to activate their own voices at the end in order to embody our spiritual experiences and bring our own medicine to the world through our aligned actions.


Gracias de corazón Kari and Kike for this sacred and deeply healing ceremony. They are hosting a series of 7 ceremonies each related to healing one different chakra at a time. Yesterday I experienced the root chakra healing within their ceremony and I can’t express my gratitude enough for being apart of this journey. 

If you’re in Tulum and you’re looking for a sacred mushroom ceremony, I can highly recommend sitting with The Medicine Couple and having a look at one of their upcoming ceremonies! 

The sound healing was such a beautiful way to guide us onto our own individual journey with the medicine. Their icaros were literally out of this world! Sitting with plant medicine in ceremony with intention, guided by someone who knows how to properly open and close the ceremony space, connect with Pachamama and the higher realms is truly life changing. 


AHO! ✨

Thank you so much for offering your ceremony and holding space last night 🙏

Wow, what a journey and cleansing and upgrade. This was my first time sitting in an intimate medicine ceremony like this and it truly held me with so much love 😌🙏

After I had gone through my process of working with the medicine (which was so beautiful with the sound bath guiding the way), I really loved looking up and seeing you both in your full power, smiling and singing and playing your music.

Such a joyful experience to be held in that space after such deep work. And now that I’ve done this work with the Root Chakra, I can’t wait for the Sacral and all the other chakras! 🧡

Sending love to you both, and blessings to all the medicine men and women who journeyed with us last night🙏


My friend and I joined Karina and Kike for a sacred shamanic psilocybin journey, looking for insights and a space to manifest our intentions for the new moon solar eclipse back in October 2023.

Since then we have both been back to multiple ceremonies, including the portal day of honouring the ancestors on Dia de Los Muertos, as well as one of the Chakra Ceremonies.

We will definitely be back for more, as the space they create and hold throughout the ceremony experience is always safe.

Their caring energy as well as being guided through beautiful soulful medicine music and song has allowed me to look within and feel my emotions and get out of my thoughts, which are really just old habits and patterns that do not serve me.

Thank you for this experience, your presence, the integration, the tears, the laughs and the food.


I was so deeply touched by how sacred the experience was altogether.

You can tell these two have worked so closely with the medicine and are exceptionally gifted and how they channel and bring out the highest good for their participants.

I’m appreciative for the depth I felt and sister/brotherhood of this first time group ceremony.

I empower anyone looking for an out of this world experience to lean into the magic and know that they are held sacredly.

I felt so joyful, peaceful, and radiantly in my fullest the days following the ceremony.

Fuck yes I will do this again!

Thank you!


Thank you so much again!

The power, love, and gratitude was soul beautiful and healing.

Ancestral energy & beings of light were all around.

 There’s so much I could say about this experience.

 Just so much love and I HIGHLY recommend if you feel the call to join for your first time or again. 

Immense gratitude to Karina & Enrique, & to the Ninos Santos!


Thank you so much for the great Experience!

It really is a deep journey into your inner world.

The Songs were really powerful and you can feel how passionate Karina and Kike are the entire time.

 Their work is truly amazing.

I felt really safe and it was a great inside journey for me to discover parts of myself. ✨

I would recommend this Space for everyone!

If you have the Call, Karina & Kike's Ceremonies provide a great opportunity to answer.

Thank you so much again & greetings!


I can highly recommend the journey with
The Medicine Couple!

It was so powerful and a very deep experience in your own inner world. I came to deep wounds and was able to experience deep healing.

The chants of Karina and Kike took you deeper and deeper and you could feel how they held the space incredibly. Kike in particular has a very powerful voice that carries you and you could feel Karina's devotion the whole time. 

Thank you for this experience and highest recommendation from my side!  

Thank you ♥️♥️♥️


My intention when I answered the call to have my first ever ceremony with Karina and Kike was to tap into some trauma stored in my body and release it. The medicine and the music gave me what I needed to experience the deep somatic release. 

It’s been almost 1 year since that 1st ceremony and I have had the honour to experience many more in their company. It is always a magical experience, where the shamanic musical journey that accompanies you in the medicine is exceptional. 

I love that it is outdoors on their roof top and in the comfort of their home. It is a magical space. Karina & Kike are both amazing at holding space and making everyone feeling safe. 

We always finish with some nourishment and an integration circle. Something I find highly
necessary in any medicinal ceremony.
They also provide follow up integration with the participant's that is GOLD 

I highly recommend this journey, as I always get the answers I seek with so much love and care from both of them ❤️🐈‍⬛🐈