Reclaim Your Personal Power + Embody Your Divine Feminine Leadership


Our 24-Week Self-Study Course for early spiritual entrepreneurs (coaches + healers) to help you start + grow your soul-led, purpose driven online business.

Journey with us inside through our 4 Phase Process, and Learn the Energetics + Soulful Sales Strategy to Sign Soul Aligned Clients in 180 Days or Less.

Our Spiritual Women’s Retreats are hosted in Tulum, Mexico. Our retreats are intricately planned for the woman that is looking to expand and evolve deeper down her spiritual path. We hold sacred spaces for you to do deep and potent work. This is open for all female leaders & women.

Next Retreat:
April 17th-22nd, 2023.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur wanting deeper support in the deeper feminine embodiment, trust and energetics of growing your soul-led online business, or you’re a soul wanting to dive deeper into your healing as an ambitious female leader...

You are in the right place. This high-touch support is a minimum 3, 6 or 12 month commitment and has a strict application process.




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See what CLIENTS have to say!

When I began my healing journey with Karina as my mentor I had already been exposed to the magic of the universe and spirituality. But I was at a point where I needed to go deeper in order to evolve and her 1:1 program was the perfect manifestation for this process.

Throughout the shadow work, journal prompts and visualization methods, I started to truly realize my power. My light. My soul. Her unconditional love and grace guided me through the process of letting go of what no longer served me on my path and the grief that came afterwards.

The space she holds is amazing. The friendly pushes and accountability is amazing. She saw my potential before I could see it for myself. At the beginning of the 1:1 program I never would’ve thought three months later I would start my own business but with her encouragement and me letting go of limiting beliefs, here I am! I am eternally grateful our paths aligned. The fire she has helped light inside me will burn for the rest of this lifetime.

Sara Koffel  |  Spiritual Mentor & Reiki Healer

If you are wanting to experience a retreat that is transformative emotionally, physically and spiritually this retreat is for you. If you want to connect with likeminded women and create incredible friendships this retreat is for you. If you are scared to get out of your comfort zone and want support to do this, this retreat is for you! I could feel my confidence, my spiritual practices and physical/mental energy come back to me during this retreat

I left feeling so empowered and confident. Karina is an incredible host and facilitator. Every activity and who she chooses to have in the retreat (chef, photographer, other participants) is very thoughtful and intentional. Because she took the time to connect with everyone the whole group got Along SO well. I don't know if that is always typical in group settings. I was super grateful and excited to be surrounded by such a beautiful and positive group of women. I loved every second of this retreat! If any part of you is being called to experience this, trust that gut instinct and intuition. BOOK it. Your future self will thank you <3

Raina Denali | Holistic health Coach

I can't put into words how amazing and transformative Higher Self Retreat has been for me. I have transformed in so many ways. Before this retreat I felt stuck and very uninspired. I just left my 9-5 to have more freedom and to start my online business, but to be honest I didn't really have enough trust in my vision. I had so many limiting beliefs that where holding me back to fully embrace my journey.

During this retreat I have learned to love myself, to be patient, to be in the moment and accept every situation as it is. I was able to work through and let go of all of the limiting beliefs and fears that were holding me back. Being surrounded by uplifting, like minded women who support one another is the best feeling in the world. Thanks to all the love from my new sisters, I am now able to shine my light unapologetically!

Thank you Karina for creating this absolute magical experience, holding space for us and guiding us to our highest self. You are such a beautiful being and I am so grateful to have you in my life. I would highly recommend this Retreat, it has been life changing for me!

Denise | Spiritual Travel Coach

I got fired from my super-yacht job, I took a deep dive into learning everything about the online space. After pivoting from solo female travel coach to super-yacht crew coach, and then spiritual business mentor, I made my first 6 figures in 1.5 years.

I am here to help you follow your dharma, connect to your higher self, and manifest abundance into your life and your spiritual business.

I have recently pivoted into shamanic energy work + ancestral healing, and I will be creating a new offering soon. I offer shamanic drum journey + energy healing sessions you can book directly on my links page HERE

Like Isis, I like to call myself:

"She of a Thousand Names..."

I went from living in Canada to jet-setting off down-under to study & work as a high-school teacher in Australia. I have traveled the world since 2014, whilst working in multiple different industries, always attracting abundance.

I have been connected to my spirituality since I was a child, blessed with feeling the source of the Universe within my soul + giving me the power to manifest magic into my life & helping me create my reality.

When the pandemic hit in 2020... 


Here are your Divine Gifts




Watch this transmission to receive 3 codes + downloads for how you can become a soul client attractor. 

Tap into the Quantam with this blueprint for your soul aligned business. Learn how to implement seven soulful systems, so that you can hit learn the strategy behind hitting six-figures in your business.

Receive this potent + powerful download through a channeled meditation by Karina, which will help you tap into your purpose + your power and put you on the path to following your dharma.







Check out Karina's Podcast here

This podcast has been created as a platform that welcomes deep, vulnerable, and conscious conversations.

We will be diving into all sorts of topics including manifestation, mindset, entrepreneurship, spirituality, self-love, healing, plant medicine, personal growth, travel, relationships, and so much more!




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