My Divine Purpose, Deep Devotion and Dharma

I believe my soul incarnated to this earth, to learn spiritual lessons and be a light for other souls on their journey.

From a young age, I felt a strong remembering that I was born to be different. I am here for a divine purpose and reason - unknown and greater than myself.

My entire life, I’ve been fighting to find myself, my true purpose, my calling and how to find my dharma.

The call has been so strong, that it has put me on so many different life paths and has given me so many different initiations in the first 30 years of my life.

I got straight A's, participated in school sports and had the perfect relationship going into University.

Deep wounds around not being good enough or lovable scarred my entire being and human existence.

These wounds stemmed from my abandonment issues with my biological father who left when I was only 4 years old.

It also stemmed from the lack of intimacy and love I received from my family whilst growing up. I imagined I had to prove my worth, therefore I lacked self-love and self-worth for most of my life until my awakening journey began in my early 20s. 


Throughout my childhood and young adulthood, I followed the footsteps of my family and did what was expected of me.

I grew up in a dysfunctional environment - where I would literally go into Freeze, Fight and eventually Flight mode, which ultimately guided me to leaving the nest.

This transitioned into me seeking external validation in my professions, from my intimate partners and friends. I constantly attracted toxic people into my life, because I didn't learn how to love myself, forgive myself and those who hurt me in the past.

It wasn’t until I turned 22 that a new 7 year cycle had put me on a path toward breaking generational patterns, curses and karmic cycles.

Seeking External Validation

Moving My Life Overseas

Moving my life overseas to study, live, work in Australia and travel the world, opened up my eyes to possibilities. It showed me that there was more to life than what society has led us to believe.

After working as an English and History High School Teacher for a short couple of years down under, I decided to trade in my professional wardrobe for something much more casual. My family and friends thought I was crazy to give up a diploma I worked an entire life for. Yet, I truly believed that I was just daring to be different and answering a higher calling and finally finding my true purpose.

I continued to work in the hospitality industry, traveling the world and eventually bought a ticket to South Africa to travel, study and embark on a new career path as a yacht crew within the Superyacht Industry.

I felt uninspired by the education system and I felt the call within my soul, that my life was about to change. I met a clairvoyant who predicted the shifts that I would soon have and the next spiritual awakening and initiation I would experience in my late twenties.

Is This My True Purpose?

Ironically, I went on to work in the Super Yacht Industry for almost 3 years and sold my soul to being a slave to another system. 

While I was earning more money than I was in my teaching salary, I was living and working on a floating corporate vessel, trading time for money, yet again.

A certain irony and duality that this chapter of my life holds. Throughout numerous life lessons, rejections, heartbreaks, emotional pain and abuse that certain toxic relationships and situations gifted me, I learned to love myself and empower myself to create my reality.

I’ve taken away many lessons of empowerment and growth with me and applied them into building my business.

Much like all the other career pivots I’ve had, I discovered that building a spiritual business will never be easy. Yet, being of service to others t is the most rewarding work.

It wasn’t until another 7 year cycle approached when I turned 28, that my life path completely changed yet again. 

When the pandemic hit in 2020, I was let go from my SuperYacht job & forced to re-evaluate my next steps. This was the start of my Saturn Return, which felt like an entire uprooting and re-awakening back to finding myself again (Clairvoyant prediction right on time).

I never had a problem with welcoming change and starting something new, so I thought I would use this time to finally start blogging and writing about my travel experiences, lessons and soul stories.

Saturn Return  Re-Directing me onto a New Path

Within a month ...

The universe put me back in contact with an old friend and online business coach, who opened up my eyes to the world of online coaching

Asking for Help

One decision I made to invest in myself and ask for help, has completely changed my life trajectory and opened up the floodgates to new opportunities for this next part of my journey.

After investing in my first business coach - within a couple of weeks of starting my online coaching business as a travel coach for women, I landed my first paying client.

I went back to working on Super Yachts, while continuing to grow my online coaching business on the side. After starting my blog, I had women reaching out to me asking if I could help them break into the industry too.

After organically stumbling on this niche, I decided to niche down from travel coaching into yacht crew coaching for women. I crafted a signature coaching framework and worked with a handful of 1-1 paid clients.

In about two weeks time, I wrote an entire 111 page E-book on “How to Break into the SuperYacht Industry”. This generated passive income of over 2K in just 1 month of launching it to my Instagram audience of 2K followers.

I finally took the leap to move my life to Tulum, Mexico in 2021 and embark on a new digital nomad journey and adventure, trusting in the universe that everything would align in divine timing and unfold exactly as it should.

I then went on to launch my first group Mastermind in the niche of yacht crew coaching, where I enrolled half a dozen paid clients inside, and had a successful launch.

Completely Changed My Life

My mission on this earth is to guide and empower other souls to heal their lineage + lifetimes ahead of them, so they can live their true purpose, reclaim their personal power, activate their purpose, and manifest + create the reality of their dreams! 

My Dharma

YOU ARE the Healer & Medicine Woman

Are you ready to reclaim your personal power?