Higher Self Retreat

Women's Sacred Shamanic Retreat
June 19th - 23rd 2024
5 Days + 4 Nights of Magic

The Masks Are Coming Off

A new beginning awaits you as we connect to our guides by honouring the Fire Element for the Full Moon in Saggitarius, as we honour how much we have expanded, evolved & grown in this lifetime.

We will honour the spirits and pay respects to the ancestors that once walked the ancient lands on the magical jungles of the Yucatán Peninsula of Tulum, Mexico.

Embody her highest timeline

Deepen on the shamanic path

Connect to the warrior woman within

Activate her gifts & purpose

A 4.0 Version for The Woman Who is Ready to:

You are here because you are...

Ready to “Answer the Call” so that you can step forward on your path towards a higher calling and activate the warrior woman within.

This is the 4th official Higher Self Retreat hosted by Karina Dharma.

2024 is the year of the dragon, inviting us to reclaim our personal power, activate our gifts and tap into our purpose.

We Will Have ...

Ceremonies + Journeys that give you space for depth & vulnerability.

Facilitators that are committed to holding a safe space for you.

A quiet oasis in a luscious private jungle location with shared accommodation & private on request.

A private chef that caters to a vegetarian/pescatarian diet 


It’s time to shed old skin, small stories and reclaim your personal power, warrior woman.

Are You Ready?

A rebirth + rising of your higher self awaits you...

See what some of the women have to say!

Before this retreat I was feeling demotivated, I had low energy & no motivation. I also had immense fears of traveling solo and also sharing space with strangers. Some of my favourite ceremonies included the Temazcal experience. I loved the whole process even if I was nervous at the start. By the end I didn't want to get out. It really felt like the start of a rebirth for me! I also loved the cacao ceremony and ecstatic dance experience. Anything with singing, dancing and instruments always lights me up!

The transformation that I experienced on this retreat, is that I go in touch with the Goddess that I am. I feel more confident and empowered since the retreat. I feel more connected to myself, and I feel more comfortable about meeting new people in new places, and keeping my heart open.

I would absolutely recommend this retreat to other women. ​​I almost didn’t go because of money issues and fears of going so far away by myself. But with gentle pushes from Karina, she empowered me to take the leap and have faith in myself and the process. If you feel a calling to go, then I say answer the call and no matter what your excuses might be - go & make it happen!

- January 2022

Abbie Davies

I can't put into words how amazing and transformative Higher Self Retreat has been for me. I have transformed in so many ways. Before this retreat I felt stuck and very uninspired. I just left my 9-5 to have more freedom and to start my online business, but to be honest I didn't really have enough trust in my vision. I had so many limiting beliefs that where holding me back to fully embrace my journey.

With each growing day and with every activity we experienced at the retreat, I felt like I was stepping closer to my highest self. Every experience showed me a different side of myself, and I was able to learn and grow.

The Temazcal experience was definitely the most challenging, but also the most empowering experience of my life! I had to push myself like I've never done before. To sit through the extreme heat and darkness was very difficult for me, but thanks to this experiences I realized how powerful I really am and that everything is possible.

During this retreat I have learned to love myself, to be patient, to be in the moment and accept every situation as it is. I was able to work through and let go of all of the limiting beliefs and fears that were holding me back. Being surrounded by uplifting, like minded women who support one another is the best feeling in the world. Thanks to all the love from my new sisters, I am now able to shine my light unapologetically!

I am stepping away from this retreat super empowered and ready to take my business to the next level. I have the power within me and I know everything is possible.

Thank you Karina for creating this absolute magical experience, holding space for us and guiding us to our highest self. You are such a beautiful being and I am so grateful to have you in my life. I would highly recommend this Retreat, it has been life changing for me!

- January 2022

Denise Entholzner

I felt ready to do a group retreat with a group of women as the next step toward my healing journey. Right after having the connect call with Karina, I knew it was a great fit! I was looking to find clarity on the next steps in my life as well as searching for guidance that I am on the right path. 

Being able to sit with fear came up during the Temazcal Ceremony, communicating with my body and listening to my intuition and signals from my body during the Psilocybin Ceremony were all transformational moments. 

Realizing how strong and courageous I am after participating in some of these challenging activities provided a huge breakthrough for me. Also, sharing vulnerabilities in front of a group feels very healing. 

Every activity served its purpose and was executed very well. This retreat was everything I was looking for and I am very grateful I had the opportunity to attend. 

I haven’t experienced anything like this yet and I love how intimate the entire experience was! Karina, this is a really special retreat you put together for us, thank you! 

Reminded of my inner strength, how far I’ve come on my healing journey, clarity about the next steps in my life, getting in touch with my intuition and what I desire/need going forward. Seeing a glimpse of what my transformation and transmutation can look and feel like. 

This was definitely a transformative experience and I wish every woman could take part in something like this.

100% recommend this retreat!

- April 2023

Emily Kulpa

I was looking for a spiritual retreat to attend on solo vacation and felt an instant connection once I found Higher Self Retreat and connected with Karina on a call. 

Before attending Higher Self Retreat, I was experiencing a lot of self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and insecurities. 

The biggest breakthrough that I experienced after attending this retreat is that I realized:

“I am the only one in charge of my happiness!” 

My favourite experiences included the Temazcal Ceremony as it was very challenging. 

I loved the psilocybin ceremony as well, as it was very nice to do plant medicine in a natural environment deep in the jungle. 

The daily yoga and food was absolutely amazing. 

Highly recommend this retreat for all women!

- April 2023

Sara Morici

I chose Higher Self Retreat because Karina had both the shamanic and spiritual elements within it, along with a psilocybin plant medicine ceremony. 

I loved the fact that Karina answered my request very quickly and organized a connect call, without the will of knowing me very well. 

Already being deep into spirituality and having experienced shamanistic practices, after a difficult loss, this retreat helped me to cope with this traumatic situation. 

This retreat empowered me to feel ready to close the first book of my life and begin to start a new one. Before this retreat I wasn’t totally aware of my strength and my ability to create my own life. 

In the Temazcal I realized that I am very strong, resilient and never alone. I understood the power of unity, controlling my breath and keeping a cool mind to enjoy the process of the deep cleansing. By having this experience with a group of women, together our energy empowered us to get through it. 

I really enjoyed the psilocybin ceremony because I felt safe and it allowed me to experience pure joy and beauty in all things. The cacao ceremony was very powerful for me because I was able to let go of a lot of pain and I felt supported by my sisters. 

I now see myself with more kindness and value myself a lot more since attending Higher Self Retreat. I feel strong, brave, loved, blessed, true, pure, and I am very proud of myself for answering the call! I am 100% satisfied with my decision and my experience. 

I hope I’ll remain grateful and connected to th elements of earth, air, fire, water, and heart as we learned to do during this incredible week. 
I have now been reminded that I wish to continue my spiritual journey, remaining connected to my inner child and have faith in my destiny. 

I have already recommended this retreat to my English speaking friends in France! 

Laetitia - April 2023

Laetitia Bechler

My Name is Sejla & I am from Toronto, Canada.

I heard many amazing things about this retreat and I instantly felt connected to Karina and her spiritual teachings within this container.

I asked my daughter to come along with me, and we decided to go on this trip together. 

There are not enough words to express how grateful I am for this opportunity and experience, and for all that I received on this retreat. Doing this together with my daughter was special for me.

All of the healing processes that we did together within each session and ceremony, starting with the opening ceremony, to the mushroom ceremony & sound healing, to the daily drum journeys, and all the rituals/workshops in between have been deeply healing, profound and transformational.

The Temazcal Ceremony was the most challenging for me, and I am proud of myself for sticking through the process. I feel resilient and strong after this experience, and that I can now face any challenge life throws at me. 

The different level of connection that I experienced together with my daughter was the most precious part of this retreat. All of the lessons we have learned through Karina's and the co-facilitators teachings and lessons have left a huge impact on myself and my daughter.

We are taking all of this home with us to integrate into our daily lives.

We thank you so much and send our love!

Sejla - November 2023

Sejla Dedovik

I have loved everything about this retreat!

I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in healing through past ancestral traumas or to receive insights, tips & techniques to get to know their authentic selves.

I loved that it was a small & intimate group of women, which allowed me to form deeper relationships with women on the same aligned path to discovering themselves.

The Temazcal ceremony allowed me to see I can get through almost anything, which was empowering. 

The mushroom ceremony was a transformational experience that opened me up to receive new downloads on my path in terms of how I should perceive my life from a new perspective from this point on. 

The food was delicious - the best vegan food I’ve had in my life! 

The morning yoga was a great way to open up and start the day.

A big thank to Karina & Kike for hosting this amazing retreat.

Pia - November 2023

Pia Nylund


Shed light on your shadows, release any small stories and burn away past versions of yourself.

Experience immense spiritual growth, healing, rebirth, transformation, self-love & sisterhood.

Embody your authenticity and embrace the divine feminine within.

Awaken your higher self and rise with other soul aligned sisters walking the shamanic path.

This retreat has been guided by Spirit and created for the warrior woman that is ready to: 

Drop deeper into her feminine nature

Release all small stories keeping her stuck

Reclaim her personal power 

Activate her purpose/leadership/gifts

Who Is This For?

If This Sounds Like You ...

Then it’s exactly why I'm inviting you to Tulum, Mexico, in June 2024 for the most transformational and unique experience  💫

WHEN: June 19th - 23rd 2024

This isn’t for the average woman who chooses to play small and hide her gifts

What is Included


Shared Accommodation
in the Jungles of Tulum

All Meals Included with a
Private Chef

Group Integration During +
1:1 Integration Call Post Retreat




PLUS Daily Spiritual Experiences & Ceremonies Including:

Traditional Temazcal Ceremony

Sound Healing &
Medicine Music

Shamanic Drum Journey's

Inner Union Ceremony

Full Moon Ceremony

Other Experiences On This Retreat Include:

Drop into Your Feminine

Time to Journal & Integrate

Sacred Rage Ritual

Embodiment Experience

Cacao Ceremony 

Voice Activation 

Cenote Experience

Daily Women's Circles 

Daily Yoga + Meditation

Water Blessing +
Hapé Ceremony

Optional Sacred Shamanic Psilocybin Ceremony

Socialize with Your Sisters

Relax & Re-Align Yourself

Added Optional Extras

Optional Plant Medicine Ceremony ($222 USD)


Optional Sacred Shamanic Psilocybin Ceremony with licensed shamanic practitioners & facilitators

Deep Tissue Massages Available on Site ($88 USD) 


Shamanic Energy Healing (88 USD)


 Visit Casa Arkaana

Time to Journal


Tentative Schedule



THEME - Element of Fire
Direction - East
(Rising From the Ashes)
Colour - Red/Orange

Wednesday June 19th, 2024

Arrival to Cancun Airport (you are responsible for booking your own roundtrip flights + airport transfer & arriving by 3pm at the retreat centre)


Arrival at Jungle Retreat Centre
Snacks + Settle in


Opening Ceremony w/ Intention Setting/Offering & Spirit Animal Drum Journey


Traditional Temazcal Ceremony 


Dinner + Rest 



THEME - Element of Earth 
Direction - South
(Shedding Skin/Soul Stories)
Colour: Green/Brown

Thursday June 20th, 2024


Yoga + Meditation




Sacred Rage Ritual & Ancestral Shamanic Drum Journey 


Light Lunch 


Sacred Shamanic
Psilocybin Ceremony with
Sound Healing & Medicine Music 


Group Integration




Dinner + Rest






THEME - Element of Water
Colour Theme: Blue

Friday June 21st, 2024


Cenote Experience Water Blessing + HAPE Ceremony 


Yin Yoga Session






Full Moon Cacao Ceremony & Soul Retrieval Shamanic Drum Journey

Sleep in + Rest



Dinner & Rest


Day 4

THEME - Element of Air 
Direction - North
(Connecting to Our Guides)
Colour Yellow

Saturday June 22nd, 2024


Yoga + Meditation 




Inner Child Shamanic Drum Journey & Inner Union Ceremony 




Singing Circle/Voice Activation
 & Embodiment Experience



Dinner + Rest





THEME - Element of Aether
Direction - Cosmos
(Creating Space & Clarity)
Colour: White/Black

Sunday June 23rd, 2024


Yoga + Meditation 




Closing Ceremony & Spirit Guide Shamanic Drum Journey


Depart Retreat Centre



10:30AM - 11:00AM


Listen To The Call ...

If you’re reading this, then this is your sign that Spirit is divinely guiding this opportunity to you. ✨

Jungle Accomodation


ONLY 10 Spots Available! 

Strict Application Process

Please ensure that you click the link below to fill out the application form & schedule in a 1:1 call with me, so that we can assess whether this is the right match for us both.

It’s important for us to ensure that we have energetic alignment and that all women attending this retreat hold a similar intention for doing this deep transformational work.


Private Bedroom in Jungle Casita w/ King Bed + Shared Eco Showers



Double Ensuite Room - Shared Bedroom in Jungle House with Twin Beds + Private Ensuite Shower

3333 USD 2777 USD Per Person (555 USD OFF)

Payment Plans Available w/ 50% Deposit


Shared Bedroom in Jungle Casita with Twin Beds + Shared Eco Showers

2999 USD 2444 USD Per Person (555 USD OFF)

Payment Plans Available w/ 50% Deposit



3555 USD
 2999 USD (555 USD OFF)

Payment Plan Available w/ 50% Deposit

See What Some of the Ladies Have to Say!

The Higher Self Retreat was one of the most influential weeks of my life and I can’t recommend it enough! Karina put so much love and effort into cultivating a supportive, powerful, loving retreat filled with so many experiences to help each woman step up into their truest alignment

Throughout the week I watched myself and each woman shift, transform, take on challenges, and ultimately blossom into such beautiful and radiant versions of themselves. The positive shifts and growth I experienced in Tulum will have an impact on me forever, and this retreat was only the start of a journey I am so eager to be on

I am eternally grateful for the connections created with my sisters and the continuum of growth we are supporting each other through. If you need a sign to work with Karina or attend her retreat… THIS IS IT!! Choose you, choose abundance, and choose to grow. So much love xx

- January 2022

Riley Chewning 

If you are wanting to experience a retreat that is transformative emotionally, physically and spiritually this retreat is for you. If you want to connect with likeminded women and create incredible friendships this retreat is for you. If you are scared to get out of your comfort zone and want support to do this, this retreat is for you! I could feel my confidence, my spiritual practices and physical/mental energy come back to me during this retreat

I left feeling so empowered and confident. Karina is an incredible host and facilitator. Every activity and who she chooses to have in the retreat (chef, photographer, other participants) is very thoughtful and intentional. Because she took the time to connect with everyone the whole group got Along SO well. I don't know if that is always typical in group settings. I was super grateful and excited to be surrounded by such a beautiful and positive group of women. I loved every second of this retreat!

If any part of you is being called to experience this, trust that gut instinct and intuition. BOOK it. Your future self will thank you <3

- January 2022

Raina Denali

I loved Karina’s warmth and energy from the moment we had the first connect call on Zoom. She spoke to my heart and I answered. I knew there was something great ahead. Karina is a true Spiritual Goddess. 

I’ve been on a spiritual journey for the last three years and I was thinking I had my life figured out. Yet, there were some issues that were still gnawing at me - some fears, self doubt, and work to do around my self-love. 

I needed to dig a bit deeper, find my truth instead of create stories that I’ve been told and somewhat believed. The biggest challenge I had was being vulnerable. I’m a great listener and rather not burden others with my stories. 

I witnessed a few breakthroughs at the Temazcal and Psilocybin Ceremonies. A sense of enlightenment and a feeling of more energy and power! I really enjoyed the cacao ceremony with medicine music, psilocybin ceremony and the shamanic drum journeys. They took me to a different dimension and safe space, all having a beautiful meaning and experience. I also enjoyed having sit down meals with everyone. 

I have found more inner peace within myself because of this retreat. An inner calmness and clarity. I have a white light shining as I am integrating these warm feelings in my daily routine, giving myself gentle reminders that “I got this!”

The drum journey’s often pop up in my head. I have even started singing some of the songs I learned. It puts a smile on my face and I move along with a more peaceful vibe. 

I have already shared the link to many people for this retreat, which I highly recommend!

- April 2023 

Cindy Astle

What an amazing journey this has been! I felt the call to heal for a very long time. My intentions coming here were to deepen that healing journey. I felt very out of whack and so heavy,

I was not sure what to expect coming here, but I knew I had to answer the call as I felt aligned with Karina when we met and this retreat she curated for us. I knew that there would be a profound transformation that I would undergo and experience.

Although the temazcal was intense for me, I felt a complete physical, emotional and spiritual purge and release afterwards from the weight I had carried. I felt lighter and proud of myself for committing to a challenging experience. I felt completely empowered within myself for pushing through all the resistance at the retreat.

I have fought for so long, and I was so tired that I couldn’t imagine doing daily life anymore…

This retreat has been amazing and profound for my healing journey. After the HAPEH ceremony, I felt completely enlightened. I am so grateful for this experience. 

Thank you Karina for creating such a beautiful, safe, and healing space for us all! 

- April 2023

Nicole Dragon

The ceremonies and all that we experienced was just PERFECT! I loved the structure, how it was organized, how we didn’t need to think about our food, where we needed to go, or the clothes we were wearing. I could POP that stuff down and get right into it!

It’s my dream to be here, so immersed in nature and in Mexico. Working with this land and connecting with the elements and our ancestors is sacred and powerful.

The Mushroom Ceremony was AMAZING. My intention was to release control as I am a perfectionist. I have always come on a retreat being of service in some way as either a photographer or chef. This was the first time I was able to fully surrender and immerse myself in a retreat.

I can’t believe this is what people do now. It really hit me on this retreat. Before all we had access to were therapists and traditional doctors, and now I see how much our world is evolving as we build this new earth paradigm so powerfully. 

I am feeling blessed, grateful and honoured. I can’t thank you both enough for this entire experience. 

- April 2023

Abby Rashman

The energy that Karina gives during this time for an intimate group of women in a span of just a few days, makes it hard to quantify the value of this experience.

This retreat brought me closer to who I am. 

It showed me more of me. It took me to a level of self acceptance I haven’t known, or maybe completely forgot.

It felt like all of the experiences I had during the ceremonies and sessions wiped clean the layers of small stories. 

I can definitely tell that the retreat made a dent in many areas in my life. 

The experience at this retreat gave me tools, and it allowed me to come back to myself. It gave me back the trust that I can do hard things.

And I know that work isn’t over and it’s always just the beginning and things won’t get easier and I will continue facing challenges.

I’m stepping into the next chapter of my life with the notion that I’m actually here - that I’m fully present for myself and for my life. 

I understand that now the work is up to me not to lose this knowing on old programs and habits. 

I don’t know how to thank someone for something like this. Thank you! 

Alessa - November 2023

Alessa Morgan

My Story

Since I was young, I felt a strong calling and remembering that I was born to be different. I am here for a divine purpose and reason that is beyond and greater than myself.

For my entire life, I’ve been fighting to find myself, my true purpose and calling so that I could follow my dharma.

While I was growing my online business during the pandemic, I also began my deep healing journey working with powerful plant medicines when I moved to Tulum at the start of 2021. Through psychedelic journeys with Psilocybin, Peyote, San Pedro & Ayahuasca, I’ve experienced massive shifts and breakthroughs that shed light on my dark nights of the soul.

I’ve healed many past ancestral pains & traumas, broke through my own self-sabotaging and unconscious patterns, found self-love within myself, and even manifested my divine masculine partner. I now live in Tulum, Mexico where I am of service to souls through women's circles, women's retreats, sacred shamanic ceremonies, private healings & online mentorship containers.

I trust and know that my path is to empower other women to heal their lineages, reclaim their personal power, and activate their purpose and unique gifts.



Yes, you are responsible for booking your round trip flights to Cancun Airport. You are also responsible for organizing your own shuttle transport.

Do I need to book my own flights?

Absolutely not. Women of all ages + backgrounds are welcome. As long as your intention is to do deep spiritual work, you are welcome here.

Do I need to be an entrepreneur?

No. Due to the nature of this experience, your deposit is 100% non-refundable, as we must make bookings for the space, etc. If you cannot make it, you are eligible for a full refund, MINUS the deposit, only if given written notice 90 days before the retreat start date. This is to ensure that we have enough time to fill your space.

Are there any refunds?

Yes. We offer a referral credit of 10% OFF our retreats when you bring a friend with you to our retreat.

Is there a referral program?

This is not for the woman that is NOT ready to do deep inner work and have a transformational and immersive spiritual experience. This is not for the woman that is not financially & energetically ready to invest her money and time into this once in a lifetime experience and opportunity.

Who is this NOT for?

What if I don't know anyone/
this is my first time traveling alone? 

That is absolutely perfect and our full intention. We welcome you to get out of your comfort zone and meet new sisters. This is going to contribute to your transformation, while you are held in a sacred + safe space by facilitators that have pure intentions for your spiritual growth.


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