Higher Self Business Academy

Manifest & Create Your Soul Aligned Online Business

A 4 Phase Process to Help You Learn the Energetics & Soulful Sales Strategy to Sign Soul Aligned Clients in 180 Days or Less.


Made 6 Figures in First
1.5 Years in Business

Served 50+
Soul Aligned Clients

Helped 1 in 5 Clients Leave
their 9-5 Jobs

You're Here Because You
Are Ready To...

Ditch the overwhelm & confusion to do this ALL yourself, without any direction, guidance or mentorship. 

Overcome any personal shadows & self doubt + kick that imposter syndrome to the curb with showing up confidently & authentically on social media. 

Let go of the old narrative that you have to be a struggling spiritual entrepreneur who is afraid to charge for the transformation of your coaching offers, services & products.

Stop struggling to find leads & sign paying soul aligned dream clients that are waiting for you to share your medicine & magic. 

And What If You Could:

Join a community of soul aligned sisters that would be on this journey with you, every step of the way. 

Stop doubting yourself, your innate gifts, and your unique voice.

Get all the soulful sales strategy you need along with the spiritual growth, guidance & support to walk this path.

Building a successful online business isn’t easy.

If it were, then everyone would be doing it.


Are you ready to step into your true potential & power to follow your dharma?

You’ll not only get all the soulful sales strategy you need, but also all the spiritual growth, guidance & support you need, so you don't feel like you're walking this path all alone. 

Embody yourself as a powerful leader & FEMPRENEUR & be given the permission to shine your light & share your unique stories through your own voice.

Rise with the divine feminine awakening & lead with passion & power, by learning how to lean into both masculine and feminine energy.

Inside Higher Self Business Academy,
You Will:

Finally go from dreaming about starting or growing your soulful online business, to taking the ALIGNED ACTION to finally create your freedom based business reality. 

Implement the necessary business foundations, learn the magic behind magnetic marketing & branding, understand the psychology behind soulful sales strategy & amplify your 6-figure abundance money mindset.

Higher Self Business Academy is a

That gives you a clear roadmap for how you can start & grow your soul aligned thriving spiritual business mainly through the social media platform, Instagram.

most spiritual entrepreneurs don't take their business from just a “hobby” or an "idea" to an actual thriving 6 figure business, is because of 3 Key Reasons:

The Reason Why...

You’re too afraid to start & take messy action. You fear judgement from your friends, family or strangers on the internet. You fear making a change or taking the leap, so you choose to stay comfortable in your current circumstances.


You don’t believe that you can actually make money doing what you love online & you don’t believe that your success is inevitable. You don’t know where to start or how to grow online, so you stay in your dreaded 9-5 & keep your business as a passion project or a small side hustle.


You lack the community & support around you of other like- minded spiritually evolved & empowered women. You’re taking unsolicited advice from your family, friends & coworkers who have never started an online business or walked the path.



Listen, I have Totally Been Where You Are Right Now.

I know what it’s like to follow the cookie-cutter path, study your entire life to follow a certain career path that your parents set out for you & then be stuck as a slave to the system in a 9-5 job that drains you, rather than inspires you.

I’m no stranger to what it’s like living paycheck to paycheck & only living for the weekend, just to spend all your hard-earned money on temporary happiness & bandaid solutions like booze and drugs, in order to escape the rat race.

I know what it’s like to work 16 hour days in the SuperYacht industry, being promised a life of luxury & living expense-free, yet in exchange having to sell your soul to be a slave for the rich and famous. All whilst being surrounded by people who dim your light & in turn lose who you truly are + forget why your soul came here to begin with.

I know what it’s like to get a taste of that nomad life, catch the travel bug & crave deeper connection, in both your personal & professional life; questioning what your purpose on this planet actually is & wondering if you can actually be part of the 1% that chooses to step out of the 3-D matrix.

I know what it’s like to finally wake up from that slumber that you’ve been in for most of your life, do the deep inner mindset & healing work to make conscious changes & feel like your soul has just been initiated to walk this confusing path of spiritual awakening all alone.

I've been there.

See what CLIENTS have to say!

Karina’s Higher Self Business Academy gave me so much clarity & insight on taking my business to the next level. She has mapped out the steps needed to launch a business from the ground up. She's taken years of her own personal knowledge and tied it in with years of coaching & experience, then condensed it into a 24 week coaching course.

Thank you so much for saving me time and frustration trying to learn this all on my own. I went deeper into myself and my business. We took apart the strategies and implemented them. I learned how to truly step into my true power, charge my worth & land paying clients. The tools and strategies I received in this course are truly invaluable.

If you are looking to take your business to the next level & you are seeking support, I would highly recommend working with Karina as your spiritual business mentor. Thank you for all your support. It has changed my life!

Ashley Resonance | Spiritual Mentor, Reiki Healer & Yoga Instructor

Before starting the Mastermind, I felt like I needed some guidance on how to get my business structure and foundations set up. Karina has a contagious & fiery energy that inspired and motivated me to keep going with working on my business.

Before working with her, I felt like I was struggling with social media and how to present my coaching offer to my audience/future clients. The mastermind not only helped me get my structure and foundations in place for my business, but it also helped me get in the right mindset and headspace. I love how Karina infused spiritual practices we could practice on ourselves and with our clients, to help strengthen our mindsets and growth personally and professionally. I am so grateful for her help and guidance.

I would definitely recommend Higher Self Business Academy for new spiritual business owners. Karina helps you cut through the overwhelm of getting started and truly empowers you to take practical action steps every week. Can't thank you enough for this valuable experience!

Raina Denali | Holistic Health Coach

My Story

When the Pandemic Hit in 2020 & I lost my superyacht job, I moved back in with my parents in Canada and put my head down and went into FULL CREATION MODE. I built my ENTIRE website on my own & self taught myself EVERYTHING.

Soon after, the universe put me back in contact with an old friend & online business coach, who opened up my eyes to the world of online coaching.

One decision to invest in myself & ask for help, completely changed my life trajectory & opened up the floodgates to new opportunities for this next part of my journey.

Within a couple of weeks of starting my online coaching business as a solo female travel coach, I landed my first paying client for 2.5K after working with 3 beta clients.

Since then, I created 3 signature 1:1 programs & frameworks, had 3 successful pivots, had 30K Group Program Launches, hit 20K cash months, served over 30 clients & made over 6 figures in my first 1.5 years of business. 

What You Will Receive

HBA is a high-touch 24-week coaching program, where you will receive drip fed short form video lessons & tutorials (no more than 20 minutes long) inside the course portal every one-two weeks.

This will give you more time to implement the necessary action steps & move the needle forward on your biz, without the overwhelm and anxiety that long 90 min trainings & short 3 month programs give you. 

Time to Implement + Get Results 

This is available to you below, once you fill out the application form. Our team will review + schedule a call with you to meet with Karina and see if you are an energetic match to work in this high-touch support style.

Six Months is the MINIMUM commitment for working with Karina on getting your business from the ground up. This is for serious applicants only who are ready to go ALL IN.

1:1 Support Upgrade - APPLICATION ONLY 

You will receive LIFETIME ACCESS inside the course portal (from the day you join), to give you time to catch up/implement all the things into your business.

You will also receive all updates to any of the lessons & tutorials inside HBA as we grow, which means you can look back at any of the course material as you grow too!



24 weeks of Content
LIFETIME ACCESS to Course Portal & Material

Incentives &
Bonuses Included:

16 Modules with 60+ lessons inside the Portal

$10,000 USD VALUE

8+ Bonus Guest Expert Trainings


Total Value

Over $20,000 of VALUE Inside!

Only $2222 1111 USD Today!

Team Support + Check-Ins (Q&A Form,  Feedback Form, Accountability)


Accountability Activities + Clarity Exercises + Worksheets for each module


Recorded Trainings for EFT Tapping, Hypnosis & Meditations



Milestones + Prizes to be won as you work through the modules


More Unique High-Touch Support Incentives

Short video trainings, tutorials & lessons inside the course portal that are less than 20 minutes in length.

Clear takeaways & aligned action tasks to help you easily digest the knowledge.

Clear direction in moving the needle forward on your spiritual business.

Weekly Check-In Form Sent

Q&A + Feedback Forms to submit any questions/course work.

Spiritual gift box, incentives & prizes to be WON inside HBA when you complete all module tasks & move the needle forward on you business.

Team Support Email


What You Get Inside the Portal


Phase 1: Business Foundations

Module 1: Setting Out On Our Soul Path + Manifesting Our Visions

Create a program/product/service to get ready to serve 1:1 clients & generate passive income in future when scaling 1:many.

How to price our offers from a place of integrity & alignment.

How to EFT tap out imposter syndrome when creating & pricing offers.

2 weeks to implement & do aligned action tasks.

Module 2: Finding & Following Our Dharma + Business Foundations 

Establish & refine your niche (market research, ideal client pain points, I help me statement).

How to purchase legal contracts + register your business.

Bonus guest expert legal training with Elena FV (lawyer for online business owners).

Begin daily engagement on social media.

Create captivating content on social media.

2 weeks to implement & do aligned action tasks.

Module 3: Scheduling & Moon Cycles + Mastering Feminine & Masculine Flow in Biz 

How to balance masculine and feminine energy in your biz
& how to tap into feminine flow while working as a female entrepreneur.

Understanding moon cycles & how it affects your scheduling as a CEO.

BONUS lesson: full moon & new moon rituals + spiritual tools for manifesting.

1 week to implement & do aligned action tasks.

Module 4: Crafting Our Soulful Services & Offers + Mastering Our Pricing

Create a program/product/service to get ready to serve 1:1 clients & generate passive income in future when scaling 1:many.

How to price our offers from a place of integrity & alignment.

How to EFT tap out imposter syndrome when creating & pricing offers.

Bonus Guest expert training with Rochelle Ruby (Course Creation).

2 weeks to implement & do aligned action tasks.


Phase 2: Magnetic Marketing & Branding

Module 5: Setting Up Systems in Our Biz & Getting Ready to Serve Soul Aligned Clients

Set up systems & automations.

Set up linktree.

Create an email list.

Create a killer freebie.

Set up calendly/acuity.

Onboarding systems.

Organize resources for client work.

2 weeks to implement & do aligned action tasks.

Module 6: Tapping into Our Confidence & Divine Feminine Power + Mastering Magnetic Marketing

Mastering 1-2 platforms (mainly Instagram).

Magnetic branding - building a magnetic personal brand that stands out & showcases your unique voice.

Magnetic marketing & how to write killer copy that converts.

Tapping into divine feminine power & speak your truth in your content

2 weeks to implement & do aligned action tasks.

Module 7: Consistency on Social Media + Utilizing Growth Strategies

How to stay consistent & show up with fire energy on social media.

How to utilize social media growth strategies (reels & hashtags trainings).

How to check insights & track results.

1 week to implement & do aligned action tasks.

Module 8: Inner Shadow & Light Work: Rise From the Ashes

Daily inner work - How our personal triggers & shadows show up in our business & entrepreneurial journey & how we can rise.

1 week to implement & do aligned action tasks.


Phase 3: Soulful Sales

Module 9: NLP Training + Self Love & Boundary Work as an Entrepreneur

NLP techniques for landing soul aligned clients & coaching.

How to tap into your intuition as an embodied entrepreneur.

Self love & learning to honour your boundaries.

How to hold space for clients & asking powerful questioning & guiding your soul clients through transformative coaching techniques.

2 weeks to implement & do aligned action tasks.

Module 10: Lead Generation + Mastering Soulful Sales Strategies Through Stories & the DMs

How to engage with & track your leads on IG.

How to create genuine convos in DMs with leads.

How to close leads in the DMs through soulful sales strategies.

Bonus Guest Expert Training with Sami Bee of VA on the Go (Lead Generation).

Bonus Guest Expert Training with Elaine Tsung (Soulful Stories Sales).

2 weeks to implement & do aligned action tasks.

Module 11: Pre-Qualifying Leads + Mastering Soulful Sales Calls

Prequalifying our leads.

How to get on sales & discovery calls with potential clients.

How to close our soul aligned dream clients with ease.

2 weeks to implement & do aligned action tasks.

Module 12: PRE-Handling Objections inside the DMs & on Sales Calls + Landing Soul Aligned Clients

Pre-handling & handling objections in the DMs & on sales calls.

2 weeks to implement & do aligned action tasks.


Phase 4: Six Figure Abundance

Module 13: Launch Phases + Strategies & Funnels + Automations  

Launch phases & strategy training.

Email marketing, funnels & automations sales copy training.

1 week to implement & do aligned action tasks.

Module 14: Networking as a Soul Aligned Entrepreneur + Increasing Our Net Worth

How to create a FREE Facebook group community.

How to network & collaborate with other entrepreneurs.

1 week to implement & do aligned action tasks.

Module 15: Tracking Our Income/Expenses & Saving for Taxes + Investing in Our Biz 

How to track your income, budget, finances.

How to do regular bookkeeping.

How to save + manage taxes.

Bonus Guest expert + accountant Cassandra of Tyagi Group Inc. (bookkeeping & tax training).

Investing money back into biz & investments.

1 week to implement & do aligned action tasks.

Module 16: Quantum Leaping to 6 Figures + Mastering Energetics Behind Wealth Embodiment 

How to tap out scarcity money mindset for life.

How to tap into an abundance money mindset & master the energetics & codes behind wealth embodiment.

How to quantum leap & run a business like a boss base 6/7/8 figure entrepreneur.

1 week to implement & do aligned action tasks.

Guest Speakers

Elena Favaro Vivana

Rochelle Ruby

Sami of VA

Elaine Tsung

Cassandra of Tyagi Group

Meet Elena Favaro Viviana, a Lawyer for Online Entrepreneurs. She will bring you clarity on all things legal + registration within your spiritual business. She will also offer you ‘done-for-you’ contract templates + bundles to legally protect your business. ($555 VALUE)

Meet Rochelle Ruby, a Course Creator Coach who has successfully served over 44K students + built 26 successful courses. She will give you the tools for how to mind map + build out your own successful coaching program or course. She has helped us revamp Higher Self Business Academy to ensure that it creates transformation & results for you. This is something that is RARE to find in most entry-level business programs & really should be for scaling/higher-level learning. ($1111 K VALUE)

Meet Sami of VA on the Go, who is a virtual assistant for spiritual & witchy entrepreneurs. Sami will teach you the ropes of how to perform lead generation and train your future team to do lead generation, in order to find + attract soul aligned clients. ($555 VALUE)

Meet Elaine Tsung, a business coach & agency owner who will provide training on how to embody soulful sales in your Instagram stories, so that you can sign more soul aligned clients inside of your DMs.
($555 VALUE)

Meet Cassandra of Tyagi Group Inc., who is a bookkeeper for online entrepreneurs. She will teach you how to understand + organize your bookkeeping so that you are set up for tax season. ($555 VALUE).

+ More Special Bonus Including:

How to Pivot out of your 9-5

Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Human Design

Breathwork Session

Moon Cycle + Rituals

Channeled Meditations

ETF Tapping + Hypnosis

See what CLIENTS have to say!

Since joining HBA, I have landed several new clients. I have also been more consistent with my content. I have been happier, and it has been easier to show up online, knowing the tips I learned & the tools I was given inside this Mastermind. I have brainstormed so many new ideas during this program & continue to do so.

I am so excited to continue to implement everything I learned into my business. I was struggling with imposter syndrome, showing up confidently online & overcoming limiting beliefs. HBA has truly helped me overcome all of these things! I have also made some lifelong friends inside this Mastermind.

I love that this container taught me so much & connected me with some amazing women too. I would highly recommend Higher Self Business Academy for any early entrepreneurs looking to grow their business online!

Ally Mateff  |  Astrology Witch & Reader

I joined Karina’s Higher Self Business Academy because I felt like our personalities were a good match, and I wanted to learn how to grow a successful online business like she has. She taught me the foundations of setting up a magnetic brand while being soulful and authentic.

I also realized how much impact the inner work we did, would come through in my life and business. She showed me some great practices and tools that I will continue to use to keep me on this path. HBA was engaging and was so great for building relationships with other women who are in a similar position as myself - just starting or early on their entrepreneurial path!

I would highly recommend working with Karina inside HBA, to anyone at any stage of their online business journey!

Jules Vassalos | Upcycled Furniture Maker & Wall Artist

I joined Karina’s Higher Self Business Academy because I felt like our personalities were a good match, and I wanted to learn how to grow a successful online business like she has. She taught me the foundations of setting up a magnetic brand while being soulful and authentic.

I also realized how much impact the inner work we did, would come through in my life and business. She showed me some great practices and tools that I will continue to use to keep me on this path. HBA was engaging and was so great for building relationships with other women who are in a similar position as myself - just starting or early on their entrepreneurial path!

I would highly recommend working with Karina inside HBA, to anyone at any stage of their online business journey!

Jules Vassalos | Upcycled Furniture Maker & Wall Artist

This Program Is For You, If You Are Ready to:

Take the leap & go all in on yourself.

Let go of limiting beliefs, fears/uncertainties.

Commit yourself to being consistent on social media & promise to show up for yourself & your business growth.

Learn how to manifest & create your reality & have financial freedom.

Learn all the systems & strategies behind how to start & scale your online service/products based soulful business.

Stand out with a killer & magnetic personal brand & gain confidence.

Be given the mindset + spiritual tools/resources to up level your life & soul-aligned biz.

Do deep inner work to step into a confident boss babe & into your highest alignment.

Ditch that scarcity mindset & attract an abundance mindset for life.

Step into your higher self & join a community of soul-aligned sisters.


This Program Is Perfect For Spiritual Entrepreneurs that are:

Positive & high vibe.

Ambitious & driven by service.

Aligned action takers.

Adventurous, wild & free.

Ready to embody their higher self.

Ready to expand their empire.

Aspiring entrepreneurs (current 9-5's or current/ex-yacht crew) ready to turn their passions into profit.

Early entrepreneurs <2 years in biz (coaches, healers, service/products based soul aligned biz owners).

Ready to grow their biz & make consistent $$$ months


Taking the leap with a trusted guide and mentor who will be on this journey with you.

Freeing yourself from all of the fears/uncertainties that stand in your way.

Learning HOW to manifest this dream life for yourself and build a future of financial freedom.

Be given a clear roadmap on how to transition out of your 9-5 & become a FEMPRENEUR.

Learn HOW to start & scale your biz online confidently and quickly.
STAND OUT with your magnetic personal brand

Be more organized and productive with the tools/resources given to you.

Mindset Shifts & Tools for Fempreneurs.

Spiritual practices that will allow you to embody your higher self.

You will have direction, guidance, mentorship & accountability/check-ins.

You will build a life of travel, adventure, location & time independence & freedom.

Learn new things about yourself, become self-aware and seriously transform your life.

Ditch that scarcity mindset forever, and adopt an abundance money mindset for life.

An energy exchange - your investment in yourself will get you back 10 fold (you are creating a biz in order to have abundance and uncapped wealth $$$).

You Will Walk Away from this Program Experiencing:


The Energy Exchange

When you PIF (SAVE 20%)

2222 USD

X 6 Monthly Payments

$444 USD
222 USD 



Higher Self Upgrade

When you PIF (save $1111 USD)

Add 18 BONUS
60 Minute 1:1 High-Touch Coaching Calls with Karina  
 (MUST Use Within 6 months)

$5555 USD

X 6 Monthly Payments

$1111 USD



See what CLIENTS have to say!

When I began my healing journey with Karina as my mentor I had already been exposed to the magic of the universe and spirituality. But I was at a point where I needed to go deeper in order to evolve and her 1:1 program was the perfect manifestation for this process.

Throughout the shadow work, journal prompts and visualization methods, I started to truly realize my power. My light. My soul. Her unconditional love and grace guided me through the process of letting go of what no longer served me on my path and the grief that came afterwards.

The space she holds is amazing. The friendly pushes and accountability is amazing. She saw my potential before I could see it for myself. At the beginning of the 1:1 program I never would’ve thought three months later I would start my own business but with her encouragement and me letting go of limiting beliefs, here I am! I am eternally grateful our paths aligned. The fire she has helped light inside me will burn for the rest of this lifetime.

Sara Koffel  |  Spiritual Mentor & Reiki Healer

Higher Self Business Academy was PHENOMENAL!

The value that I received was just incredible, from the spiritual to the structural foundation a business can feel supported on. I created such amazing friendships in this program, with women that are on this journey of building their businesses as well. There was so much support from Karina and the women in the group.

I grew my business, signed paid clients, and stepped up in my business thanks to the support and accountability the people in this group provided me. I highly recommend this program for all early entrepreneurs. If you are seeking a balance between your feminine and masculine, in the spiritual realm and the business realm. The tools and content you receive & takeaway for life, are beyond worth the money you pay. No matter where you are in your business, you can always fall back to these tools for support.
Amazing, Amazing, Amazing! you don't wanna miss out!

Thank you Karina for holding this space <3

Brittany Peralta  | Pet Reiki Healer & Grief Support

I see you. I hear you.

Let's build your dream thriving business together.

Let's turn your passions into profit.

I KNOW you are craving that location independence, time, travel and financial freedom.

If this all resonates with you, look no further...

Higher Self Business Academy is the program for you.

What Are You
Waiting For Sister?


6-Day Spiritual Retreat in Tulum

For all ambitious women on their spiritual path, looking to deepen + devote to their dharma.

APRIL 17TH-22ND, 2023




No, Refunds are not available after 24 hours of signing the contract + committing.
Your results are your responsibility. 

Do you offer refunds?

This high touch coaching container & course is designed to get you from having NO BUSINESS or a HOBBY to signing soul aligned PAID clients in 180 days or less & having a THRIVING soul aligned online business. 

What is this program really about?

Absolutely you can. This is for BOTH beginners (someone who hasn’t even started their business) to coaches, healers & service based business owner’s that are less than 2 years in their business & not seeing any results, and having inconsistent cash months. 

Can I take this program if I am not a coach or entrepreneur?

Absolutely NOT. This is for anyone that is brand spanking new, has never started a business & only has a vision of what they aspire to create as an online coach/healer or service based business owner. 

Do I need to have prior experience in starting a business?

Yes absolutely. 75% of my clients have multiple if not one 9-5 job(s), while they are taking this course + starting/growing their business. If you are COMMITTED to prioritizing your business & making time for it, then this program WILL work for you.

Will this program work for someone who has a 9-5 job?

It is recommended that you do this course within 24 weeks (6 months), in order to get the best & fastest results. You DO have LIFETIME ACCESS to the Course Modules and our FB Group Community, and you can re-visit & move through them all at your own pace if you do need to pause.

Can I do this course at my own pace?

You LIFETIME ACCESS to the course modules & all updated trainings for as long as this program exists.

How long do I have access to this program & what’s included?

Once you apply and we get on a call and we are an energetic match, then you can go ahead and choose that upgrade option at checkout. You will receive an email to book your 1:1 calls with me. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to book your calls with me within the 6 month period (24 weeks), from the day you ENROL, before it EXPIRES. If you FAIL to book this call within this time frame, a maximum ONE month extension will be given to use the remaining calls.

We have one week of implementation and time off from calls each month, so you have time to integrate + implement. 

How does the 1:1 Upgrade Support work?

Results are completely up to you. When women come inside my containers, implement the learnings & take aligned action on moving the needle forward on their business, they ABSOLUTELY do see results. I’m not one of those coaches that will promise you 5K, 10K or 20K months.

The entrepreneurial journey will ALWAYS have ups & downs
. But you CAN learn how to start signing paying clients through consistent lead generation, magnetic marketing & messaging when you put in 100% into this program. That is when you WILL see results.

Can you GUARANTEE me any results?

This is NOT for the woman that is choosing to stay small and have a disempowered mindset. This is not for the woman who makes excuses for why she can’t invest the money, why it’s not the right time, or why she won’t have the time to start/grow her business. If you aren’t ready to go ALL IN and prioritize your time/finances to invest 100% into yourself & your business, then you are not meant to join this container. 

Who is this NOT for?


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