So What the Fuck is the Superyacht Industry Anyway?

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Welcome to The Black Sheep Talks Podcast. My name is Karina Greco, and I am your host. I am an online coach, writer, storyteller/speaker, and podcast host. My mission is to help others manifest a life of travel, adventure, and financial freedom.

I created this podcast as a platform that allows for raw, honest, and authentic conversations to be the norm. I will be diving into all sorts of topics including manifestation, mindset, self-love, healing, personal growth, spirituality, relationships, travel, the superyacht industry, entrepreneurship and so much more!

I am passionate about sharing the life lessons that I’ve learned and how certain experiences have helped me grow and evolve in this lifetime. My aim is to inspire you to dive deep into your personal growth too!

You will get to hear solo episodes about my experiences of being a solo traveler and working in the superyacht industry. You will also get to listen to interviews with fascinating individuals that I have met on my adventures around the world.

This is the first episode of the yachting series. Are you interested in breaking into the yachting industry? If so, then you are in the right place, as this episode has been made for you. Maybe this is the first time you’ve heard about yachting, maybe you’ve just watched Below Deck. Whichever step you’re at, your questions will be answered in this episode.

New Episodes drop EVERY Wednesday!


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If you would like more of a step-by-step guide on breaking into the industry, read this BLOG POST 

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This program is unlike anything on the market. I not only teach you strategy on HOW to break into yachting, but I also give you all the mindset tools behind going against the grain and thriving onboard your first yacht. I am excited to support you on your new adventure!

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July 20, 2021

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