How to Become Financially Free, Independent & Master Your Mindset!

Feeling Free in Tulum, Mexico

Feeling Free in Tulum, Mexico

I am living proof that you too can become financially free while living the nomad life. I have been talking to SO many women lately who want to find financial freedom and adopt an abundance money mindset while traveling the world.

I’m here to tell you that IT IS possible. 

Anything is possible if you want it bad enough.

Out of all of the clients that I have coached, initially they all had some resistance for wanting to invest in themselves. The scarcity mindset creeped in, and they found themselves saying, “I can’t afford to pay for everything from my yachting courses, accommodation, food and travel all at the same time. After jumping off a discovery call with me, they soon reframed their thoughts by saying, “I CAN afford to invest in this program because I know that it will push me toward my achieving my goals and ultimately allow me to shift my mindset and become financially free while living my dream nomadic life!”

I’ve been inspired to dive deep and to share my story of how I’ve come to cultivate this life for myself. My aim is to empower other women to also do the same thing by going after their greatest vision and stopping at NOTHING to make it their reality.

I’ve hopped on tons of discovery calls with women who all had similar money objections. The common responses would be:

“I can’t afford this right now as I don’t have enough money!”

“Once I find a job, then I can do this!”

“The time isn’t good right now as I need to budget my spendings!” 

The thing that all of these women have in common is that they all WANT to take my program, but they are still holding onto limiting beliefs that they will “never have enough money” or “that money is hard to come by!” 

I used to be that girl too…

I used to always think that I would never have enough until I began to work on reframing my thoughts around money altogether.

I want the women who are thinking of taking my program to realize that the time is NOW, as you will always find a way to make money. If you adopt an abundance mindset that money will ALWAYS flow to you, then I promise you this is the first step toward finding that financial freedom you are seeking.

The main reason why I’ve been able to fund my solo travels living and traveling all over the world is because I have mastered my mindset. Yes, it’s ALL mindset.

I have lived and studied abroad in Australia, lived out of my van and explored all of New Zealand, backpacked through most of SE Asia solo, lived in the Dominican Republic, hopped the Greek islands, traveled through Europe, and kite-boarded in the Pacific Islands. I currently work on SuperYachts traveling the world.

I have made all of this happen for myself because I always believed that I CAN find opportunities to work, save and travel!

From a young age, I caught myself constantly daydreaming. I was always told to get my head out of the clouds by the adults around me. I was always drawing pictures and writing fictional stories that involved travel, adventure and sunshine. Writing has always been a huge passion of mine. I really loved to express myself and I found myself manifesting a life that involved me traveling the world and meeting new people. 

Whether it was me taking the plunge to move my life overseas or taking the risk to get my foot in the door to work on yachts, I manifested all of the opportunities I have been given. The power of visualization is so extreme, that it allowed for all of my dreams to become a reality today.

I am truly passionate about sharing this secret with other women because it’s not really a secret at the end of the day. It’s something that is so simple, yet so powerful. 

The sad truth is that most people don’t even recognize how powerful of a tool their mind CAN be. Here are three things you can do to become financially free:

  1. Reframe negative thoughts and limiting beliefs about money

  2. Visualize your dream life DAILY and see money flow in abundance to you

  3. Take action on your goals and MANIFEST opportunities 

The truth is that if you want this kind of life you just need to believe that you are worthy and deserving of this lifestyle. You have to believe that it is possible for you too, but also know that it will take action and determination to get you there. As long as you take the necessary steps to get to that point of reframing your mindset, then you will start to see change in your life.

Once you begin to believe that you are capable of achieving any of your goals and making your dreams come true, you will see that everything in life will start to flow abundantly toward you.

For the girls that are wanting to break into the yachting industry I want you to know that I’ve been in your shoes a few years ago too. When I first got to Fort Lauderdale and I just had a little bit of savings in my bank account because I went and spent it all and traveling, partying and living in Fort Lauderdale, I was also constantly worrying about having enough money. 

Between paying my rent, food and Ubers, I was always counting my pennies and waiting for that first permanent job to knock on the door. After paying for my courses, traveling around the world and blowing through most of my savings, all I was thinking about was how I was going to survive next month. 

I completely understand the women who are just starting to enter this industry and have all the same worries and anxieties about their finances. 

I want to tell you that your permanent job is just around the corner. Money will flow to you if you start VISUALIZING the abundance coming your way. Start believing in the opportunities – a new job, a fat paycheck coming your way. IT WORKS!

You have to adopt that abundance money mindset, which is something I did talk about in a previous blog post that you can read about here

Just to dive deep into how to adopt an abundance money mindset, I’m going to go into my story and tell you guys how I got to where I am today by learning to master my mindset. 

My Story:

When I was 22 and I decided to move my life overseas to Australia I worked my butt off and saved every single penny working three jobs. 

I worked as a swim instructor during the day,  as a coffee barista on the weekends, and as a bartender and waitress in the evenings. I was a busy bee and I was working 80 hours a week. I was raking in tips and saved about 20 grand so that I could get myself financially setup to move overseas to Australia to live and study. 

My goal was to move down under to study to become a teacher and travel. Little did I know that when I got to Australia I would not be teaching after a couple years. I would actually be back working in hospitality and freelancing to make money in different ways. At the end of the day, I always found a way to fund my travels because I always worked my butt off and I saved. I always prioritized my travels over anything else. If that meant sacrificing a night out for not buying that brand new dress, then that’s what I did.  

You also have the choice to prioritize what you do with your money! Think about the things you spend your money on and see where you can cut back. When I hear women come to me and say I don’t have the money, 9 times out of 10 you probably do have the money. BUT, you’re just convincing yourself to believe that if you decide to invest in my program, you won’t be able to spend your money on unnecessary things like shopping sprees or nights out.

More often than not, we get scared because we become comfortable with how we spend our money and the habits we have unconditionally formed. You don’t notice when you go out on a weekend and you just swipe your card and a hundred bucks goes out the window on drinks.

Ask yourself what is important to you in your life right now. If it’s your personal development and your growth and upgrading your mindset, then I can guarantee you that investing in yourself and getting a coach is going to be so much more worthwhile then you saving that money that you “think” you’re saving but will end up blindly spending on unnecessary things.

That’s one way I look at my money and how I prioritize my spending habits. I’ve always been able to save a lot because I’ve done this with everything in my life. I’ve always asked myself before purchasing anything, “do I really need this?”

If not, then I can save money by investing in X instead of Y, which is actually going to benefit my life much more. Usually X would involve travel and personal development for myself.

I’ve learned how to become financially free because I’ve always had this abundance mindset that money will just flow effortlessly to me. I have taught myself to believe that I am a master of my finances.

That’s a bit of my story and how I’ve come to navigate through my money mindset blocks and become financially independent and free.

I want to disclose with you guys that yachting has also given me this financial freedom. I’ve been in the industry for a couple of years now, where I’ve been unintentionally freelancing for the most part and having 1-2 month breaks in between. The money I earned and saved went straight to funding my travels between jobs. I am now on a 48m charter boat and we’re going to be having a very busy season ahead in the Caribbean.

I’m really excited for that as it’s going to be a great way to save money and put it toward future travels and investment plans.

One thing about working in the yachting industry is that it provides a great way to save money. You will be getting a monthly paycheck where you could save 90% of if you wanted to! Working on yachts guarantees that all your expenses are paid for in terms of food, accommodation uniform and toiletries. You even get full medical insurance included as well as return repatriation flights to your home country. 

The reason I decided to enter this industry was for the lifestyle of working on deck, being involved in water-sports (which is my passion), traveling off the beaten path, meeting new people and of course being able to save A TON of money while doing it!

My plan with being in this industry is to save $100K after this season and be able to buy my first property investment that I can rent out and make money off of! I’m not sure at the moment how much longer I will stay in the industry, be it 6 months to a year or 2 years if I decide to become a bosun. It’s not a bad gig because I can definitely buy a few properties and keep traveling the world if I save most of my salary. 

I do also want to set myself up financially so that I can continue traveling and eventually become a digital nomad and take my coaching biz full time. That is my ultimate dream – I want to help others from all over the world, while being anywhere in the world! 

My plan is to continue yachting so that I can eventually invest in properties, travel without a budget and become a full time Digital Nomad by going all in on my coaching business. My passion is to help people, and my mission is to help women break into the yachting industry or confidently travel solo and become financially free at the same time. 

Yachting is truly an amazing industry in the sense that you will be able to save at least 3 grand USD a month, which can get you a long way.  

If you’re a woman right now who is reading this blog, and you’re currently nodding along because you want to learn how to break into the industry so that you can travel the world and make a shit ton of money doing it, then listen up.

If you are considering taking my program but you’re hesitant because of uncertainty, it’s time to reframe those thoughts and beliefs. Start telling yourself that YOU WILL get your dream job and YOU WILL be able to pay off this program in less than a month. That’s the big picture you have to visualize right there if you want to start having that abundance money mindset and train your mind to already believe that you ARE financially free. 

That’s what I do every single time I make a huge investment in myself whether it’s travel, kiteboarding or personal development related. And it freaking works, I promise you!

The amazing thing about investing in my Fearless Flyer program is that you will ultimately learn how to master your mindset in so many areas of your life. 

If you’re interested in the yachting coaching program → you will learn how to confidently break into the industry and become financially free by working on your money mindset, learning how to thrive & survive on board, learning to network and connect with others and so on. 

It’s the same for the girls who want to confidently travel solo → your confidence level will skyrocket, you will feel prepared, and all your fears and limiting beliefs will go out the window (such as fear of loneliness, safety, running out of money, etc). 

By investing in your personal development, you will inevitably accelerate your growth by becoming self aware of what areas you need to work on.

For the yachting girls, this means you will speed up the process of landing your dream job and learning to thrive in your new job, while simultaneously learning how to manage your money mindset and my mindset onboard in general.

For the solo travel girls, this means you will get confident and prepared PLUS wave goodbye to all the fears holding you back. 

If your goal in life is also to become financially free and be a full-time nomad like myself, then you are in the right place my friend. It’s no secret that many of you who are following me also want to live this kind of lifestyle. Therefore you need to take the necessary steps and action to get in line with those goals.  

Yes you can figure out almost anything these days and do it yourself, but the truth is you won’t do it as quickly and efficiently on your own as you would with a coach. You can google everything about the yachting industry or traveling solo until you’re blue in the face, BUT learning the how is really the juicy part. That’s where working with a coach really comes into play because you get to work with an expert who has already done it and can guide you, empower you and hold you accountable through the entire process!

That’s exactly why I’ve invested in 3 coaches to this date, and I’m not stopping anytime soon. Every coach has taught me something different, whether it’s been showing up on Instagram for my business, mastering sales strategies, or mastering my mindset in order to run a successful coaching biz. 

I’m here to tell you that you have the choice to take control of your life and get after your goals and dreams if you make the decision today to invest in yourself. Imagine what it would be like to set yourself up for the future that you never have to worry about money again because you will be a badass woman who has found financial freedom!

It’s obvious that money is the biggest objection most women I speak to have. A scarcity mindset is a hard wired limiting belief that most people have ingrained into their subconscious mind. Imagine waking up one morning and all your worries about money just went away because you decided that you would be destined for success and inevitably become financially free.

It would be like getting over something that was holding you back as a kid, such as subconsciously worrying about whether Sally liked you. As an adult, you shouldn’t give a damn what others think of you, because you have trained your mind to be unfuckwithable by just being yourself. At least that’s one thing I have mastered. If you’re reading this and saying, “well shit, I still care what people think about me…” well it sounds like this might be another limiting belief that can be holding you back from going after your dreams. 

I’ve spoken to plenty of women who said, 

“My parents don’t want me to travel solo or get into yachting because it’s not the safe route!”

“My friends back home don’t understand what I’m doing, therefore I feel judged” 

And the list goes on…

If you enroll into my program, I have a specific module dedicated to diving deep into how we can set you up to be a badass woman that is in control of her savings and sets herself up to become financially free. I am passionate about uncovering all of the ways that I did this for the last 6 years and how I’m still doing it right now!

I’m going to leave you with a few key tips about becoming financially free and being a nomad….

Tip # 1 → You can do anything that you want by using the skills you already have in order to work and make money for yourself.

There are plenty of options out there if you get creative and research what is out there. I’ve used my skills to teach english online, to write blog posts and articles for certain magazines and companies, I’ve even edited people’s CV’s, emails and papers and YES, I have charged for all of those services. Those are some of my skills and how I have freelanced on top of my teaching career and working in the hospitality industry. 

Once I stumbled upon the yachting industry, I realized I could really take advantage of setting myself up financially for the future. I had a lot of skills to bring to the table such as my service experience and water-sports background. In what other job on earth can you save most of your paycheck and travel around the world at the same time? 

Tip # 2 → Learning to prioritize your money is essential no matter what industry you work in, but especially if you are in yachting. It’s so easy to spend money on partying and shopping, but you have to learn self control and discipline if you want to become financially free and set yourself up for the future.

You may have to make some sacrifices in order to save up for your travels or an investment. Learning to be smart with your hard earned money and budgeting is a must. This is also something I teach in my coaching program, as many people are unaware of their subconscious spending habits. Some people don’t even realize that it can be an issue in their life because they may not even be aware of the bad habits they have formed from a young age. 

Tip # 3 → Start adopting an abundance mindset in all areas of your life. 

This might mean that you will have to form new habits like waking up early every morning, meditating, reading, journaling, exercising, or whatever your ritual may to get you to that 2.0 self. 

I coach women about forming healthy habits, by doing visualization and manifestation tasks. I am a huge advocate for self development activities as they are proven to mold your brain and help change the neuroplasticity so that you can adopt healthier thoughts, beliefs, patterns and habits. 

Your brain might be programmed to think,

“I can’t afford this program right now because I’m not ready, or I don’t have a job, etc…”

If you begin working on changing that neuroplasticity, then your language will soon change to,

“I can afford anything I want in order to improve my life!”

When you begin to master how to live an abundant life, things start to flow into your life effortlessly. Whether that be new opportunities, more money, new friends, new connections, etc.

I can truly feel when I am living in alignment and doing all of my AM/PM rituals and working on my self development. This is what helps to bring me the utmost abundance and financial freedom that I desire!

Tip # 4 → In order to live a financially free life then you need to STOP listening to the noise that comes from outsiders. Whether that be your friends or family, whatever script they feed you of having to “play it safe” is about them and not you. You have to listen to your inner voice, and walk your own path. Don’t delay your dreams by staying in a job you don’t like, or staying at home with your family for another year or two because you want to save some more money and have some security.

You are ultimately delaying your vision and your dreams if you do this. I’ve spoken to women recently who have said it might not be the right time to get into yachting as:

“It’s COVID and there are no jobs” 

“Their parents don’t want them to do this” 

“They need more experience and will work in a different industry first.” 

Don’t make excuses for why you can’t go after your dream. Excuses are just masks for our limiting beliefs. You know what’s best for you, therefore you shouldn’t let other people’s opinions and advice influence your decisions. It’s your life after all, and you should decide how you will live it!

If you always listen to the advice of mom and dad who are telling you to stay home and play it safe, you will not push yourself out of your comfort zone. 

When I decided to travel to the other side of the world 6 years ago, do you know how much unsolicited advice I received? 

Do you know the disappointment I got from my family when they found out I quit my teaching career and got into the yachting industry? They thought I was throwing my degree in the trash bin. 

I’ve gone after my dreams anyway, even when I wasn’t supported. Now, my family supports me because they see I am happy doing what I love. And that’s all that matters. Your happiness!

That’s where Tip # 5 comes in → Choose happiness, and the rest will follow.

Whatever it is you want to do with your life, do it. It’s your dream after all. Get after that vision. You have the power to take the wheel and steer your life in the direction that you want it to go. You are in control of your own vehicle and must carve out your own path. 

If you choose to do what makes you happy, whether that’s yachting or solo travel, then know abundance will flow to you no matter what. Happy people always win. Happiness, positivity and optimism are contagious. Therefore you will always attract abundance into your life if you choose to be happy. 

Financial Freedom is just around the corner for you. Are you ready to receive it?



October 8, 2020

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