Why Change is Crucial & Why I Changed Jobs 5 Times in The Yachting Industry


Change doesn’t have to be scary, it can be exciting! 

Change is not only important but vital for our health and well being as human beings! I like to call myself the queen of change as I always tend to go with the flow of putting myself in new environments. I welcome new situations with open arms, and because of this I have learned and grown so much throughout my years on this planet.

I’ve chopped and changed the places I’ve lived and the yachts I’ve worked on more times than I can count on my hand. Much of this has gone unplanned and has happened for reasons both in and out of my control.

My very first experience in the yachting industry I got on a yacht as a deck/stew where I got constantly bullied and verbally abused by the Chief Stew. It was a horrible experience to say the least. If you’re in this industry or planning on getting into this industry, then what I am going to tell you next is going to be very key.

It’s really difficult to enter the industry as a green crew and land your dream job straight away. Don’t get me wrong, some people do find it right away. BUT, it is especially difficult as a female trying to go the deck route and get her first permanent job without all the bad experiences that can potentially come along with it. When you first start out you need to get your foot in the door and you might find yourself accepting something that isn’t exactly your dream job. That’s exactly what happened to me with my first permanent yacht job – I had a bad boat experience. I got my foot in the door and accepted a position as a deck/stew, as sole deckhand positions were scarce for green crew at the time. 

Since my first experience, I have worked on 5 different yachts, ranging from private to charter (33-70m). I have had plenty of ups and downs, positive and negative experiences.

If you would like to know about ALL my personal stories and experiences working in the yachting industry for 2+ years, then my E-Book, “The Greenie Guide” will most definitely help you. Not only do I share all my juicy stories that are completely raw and honest, but I offer a straightforward, no-BS guide that you can buy here.

Some people in the industry have tried to call me out and say that I’ve boat hopped a lot. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But, I don’t let it get to me. I am always true to myself, and I put my happiness before anything in life. 

I want women (and men) who are planning on entering the industry to know that it’s okay to have high standards and know your worth. Put your happiness first, and find a boat that is the right fit for you. 

Each time there was a massive shift and change in my life, I always welcomed it with open arms. I always knew that I could trust in the universe to guide me down the right path. 

All of the challenges I faced in life and especially in yachting have been so overbearing but also extremely crucial to my growth. I recognize that all this change has led me to a moment of transcendence. I now realize that there was a reason I gave yachting another shot. Initially, I was coaching women to gain the confidence to travel solo and work on their mindset while learning how to travel with meaning (which I still offer btw), but my focus on IG has shifted to me niching down to helping greenies break into the yachting industry so they can learn to thrive in the industry and become financially free.

If I didn’t go through all of these adversities, then I wouldn’t have found out that my new purpose is to guide and empower adventure seekers to successfully enter the yachting industry and give them the tools to survive and thrive onboard. Because of all of these experiences I have gone through in the yachting industry, I have been given all of this wisdom and knowledge that I can share with others. I know how I can better guide you so that you can make good decisions in your yachting career and by ensuring that you find the boat for you.

As human beings, we like to stay in our comfort zones because it feels safe. When you push yourself to make a change, a huge shift or undergo a transformation, that’s when things get scary and hard but also super exciting!

If you’re planning on getting into the industry but are currently feeling scared to face uncertainty to leave your hometown and ditch your 9-5, then know that I have been where you currently are.

If you don’t push yourself out of that comfort zone and welcome change, then you will always stay stagnant. If you just accept things for how they are, even when you know the situation or environment isn’t aligning with you, then you won’t be happy.

Trusting that things will always work out is what makes change beautiful. When you just allow things to unfold organically, then you will realize that the universe will deliver what is meant to be in your life. This is when you will experience a huge transformation and a huge shift in your mindset. You will ultimately grow into this beautiful human being that you would have never grown into if you just decided to accept things for what they were and never welcomed change.

Think about this the next time you have a challenge or adversity you are facing, or you have a big life decision to make. Change allows us to grow and evolve in order to step into the best version of ourselves.

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Love & Light,

Karina xx



September 25, 2020

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