The Ugly Truth about Working as Crew in the Super Yacht Industry

Quick stop at Anchor in The Bahamas post charter drop off day…

Quick stop at Anchor in The Bahamas post charter drop off day…

I’m sure you’ve watched the favourite hit show on Bravo Below Deck, and thought, “Wow, what a dream it must be to work on a Super Yacht!”

I’m here to spit the cold hard truth about the yachting industry. Yes, there is A LOT of good that comes from working in the industry that I have talked about in my previous posts. Some of these things include traveling to off the beaten path locations and earning a high salary while living expense-free. You can read more about that here.

BUT, I don’t think that enough people do research about the ugly truth regarding this niche industry. I’ve been in the industry for a couple of years now, and I have experienced my fair share of challenges and adversities.

Yes, I have had wonderful experiences for the most part, but I wish someone had prepared me mentally for all the UGLY that I would have to face.

That’s exactly why I have come out with my second signature coaching program all about breaking into the yachting industry, thriving & surviving! 

If you’re a woman who wants to transition into this industry and change your career, then investing in a coach will not only help you prepare to get everything in order for what you need to successfully land your first job, but also for how to mentally and spiritually prepare for this huge transformation in your life!

Yachting is unlike any other industry in the sense that you work AND live in an environment where you are stuck in close quarters with people from all necks of the wood!

Although I have solo traveled and lived overseas for many years prior to entering the yachting industry and immersed myself in different cultures and careers, I never experienced an industry like this one in particular.

It can be challenging and tough at times, and that’s why I want to open up about the ugly truths that no one wants to talk about…

Here’s what no one tells you about the Yachting Industry:

1. You likely WON’T land your first DREAM job straight away

2. You will be rejected more times than you have been in the dating world

3. You WILL want to give up and take the easy way out

4. You WILL work extremely long and hard hours

5. You will feel extremely lonely at times

6. You will have some high HIGHS & you will have some low LOWS

7. You will feel like a slave at times

8. You will clash with different personality types

9. You will experience Sexism as a female

10. You will meet close-minded people

I hope I didn’t scare you. But this is the Ugly Truth about Yachting. I’m sure it exists in every other industry, but the point is that in Yachting it is truly AMPLIFIED. 

There are support groups on Facebook that you can join that can help you navigate through tough times:

For Voicing Your Opinion The Female Voice: Women Supporting Women in YachtingThis group was actually created by me, and it is open to all women who feel that their voice isn’t being heard in this male-dominated industry. It is there to offer a safe space to share open and vulnerable conversations about the struggles we may face in our day to day life on board.

For Abuse → Girls for Girls Yachting – This group is for any women who have experienced any type of unwarranted abuse onboard.

For All General Support Yachts Mermaids: Marien has created an amazing network of support about thriving in the industry. You can listen to and watch some of her podcasts with other women in the industry who talk about Uncensored Content. You can watch my interview here, where I openly talk about my struggle in this industry fitting in and being heard as a woman. 

For Mental Health → The Crew Coach: Reach out to Karine Rayson for everything and anything related to mental health

For Women Going on Deck → Girls on Deck – This is a great support group for women who want to break into this male-dominated industry and work their way up the ladder to being a Captain!

In my E-Book, “The Greenie Guide,” I go into DETAIL about every single one of these points because it is important to know the UGLY side of yachting that nobody wants to talk about. If you want to know if this industry is truly for you, and to confirm that you are indeed tough enough to break into it, then this survival guide is EVERYTHING that you WILL need!

Why YOU NEED this guide!

This guide will go over EVERYTHING you need to know about living and working in an abnormal dynamic where you have to be around the same humans 24/7. You will experience one or the other, or all of the things I have listed above. If you’re lucky like me, you’ll experience it ALL and become SUPER RESILIENT. Learning the ropes is not enough, you need to be prepared for HOW to actually thrive and survive in this niche industry if you want to stick it out for even a year!

That’s my warning to you all. Apart from the ugly, there is A LOT of good if you can navigate and tread through the rough waters you may have ahead. If you would like to hear about some of my yachting horror stories, where I go into MUCH more detail than I do here, then make sure you grab the guide here!

If you’re an adventure seeker who wants to enter the industry confidently and needs help and guidance to survive and thrive, then you can book a FREE call to apply to my transformational coaching program. 

Love & Light,




August 26, 2020

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