How a Career in Yachting Can Fund Your Solo Travels

Kiteboarding with a Charter Guest in the Bahamas!

Kiteboarding with a Charter Guest in the Bahamas!

Have you always wanted to travel the world and get paid for it?

Ever wonder how other people do it?

It’s 2020, and although it’s been a crazy year so far, we are seeing a massive shift in our world as you read this. More and more digital nomads are showing up online doing what they love and making a living while traveling.

Becoming a digital nomad isn’t something that can happen overnight. I’m sure you’ve seen tons of influencers posting beautiful instagram pictures showing how they make a living while traveling. That is definitely one way to do it, but it’s not as easy and breezy as it may seem!

I’m currently working towards that dream and vision. I want to take my travel coaching business full time by offering two signature programs.

My first program helps women build confidence and master their mindset so they can fearlessly travel solo and become nomads.

My second program helps adventure seekers enter the yachting industry and learn to thrive on-board so they can become financially free and travel the world.

I have developed both of these programs to have a personalized coaching framework that is centered on openness, vulnerability, and mindset work, which I have gathered through my own personal experience and through my Psychology/Teaching Degree. Not only do I have 6 years of experience as an EXPERT solo female traveler, but I also have a couple years of experience breaking into the Yachting Industry.

If you’re interested in finding out more information about my coaching programs, then you can APPLY to work with me by booking a FREE 30 min discovery call here!

Working in the yachting industry has allowed me to save 90% of my earnings and be able to travel the world between yachting seasons and jobs.

Why do I say in between yachting seasons?

Well, I have mainly done temporary/freelance work on yachts. I’ve worked for 2-6 months on each yacht that I held a ‘permanent’ position on. This has all kind of happened unintentionally, as one job or the other didn’t work out for a specific reason causing me to leave. I always had the intention to stay onboard for at least a year, but it never quite worked out for me that way.

This has also given me a couple months in between each job to go off on my solo travels and explore the world with my hard earned money.

When I first got into the Industry, I was green as can be. I hustled my butt off doing my courses the year prior in Cape Town in October 2017, moving to Fort Lauderdale in October 2018, and networked like crazy trying to get my foot in the door to land my first job.

Mind you, I had ZERO experience ever working on boats. Apart from the necessary courses I took (STCW, ENG1 Medical) + some extra courses to add to my CV in order to be taken seriously, I was literally throwing myself into the deep end. 

Why the deep end?

Because I wasn’t fully prepared with how hard it would be to break into the industry, especially going the deck route.

YES, this is a VERY competitive industry. So before you decide that it is for you, you need to realize that it is saturated with greenies at the moment who all want to get on a big shiny Super Yacht all thanks to the reality show called Below Deck.

Don’t feel guilty if Below Deck is what led you here…

I also watched the show before I joined the industry. There is no shame. I actually think that it is quite accurate in how it depicts the lives of yacht crew. It’s long hours + hard work. Yes, the drama is there for TV ratings, but it’s not far off from the crew politics you will have to deal with on any yacht out there.

So this is a warning…

This industry is by no means for anyone and everyone.

Maybe becoming a digital nomad and working online in various industries like: teaching, software, marketing, photography, running your own business, etc. is the way to go for some people.

But maybe, yachting is an adventure that is for YOU.

Only you will know.

You’re here reading this post for a reason.

In my E-Book called, “The Greenie Guide,” I spill the tea on the honest truth about what working in the industry entails. If you want to know whether the industry is TRULY for you, then this E-Book will provide you with an answer. I outline my honest experience of working in the industry PLUS all the juicy details about “the good, the bad, and the UGLY!”

The yachting industry might just be the next best way for you to take turn your dreams of traveling the world into reality.

How can Yachting FUND your Solo Travels?

Now this is what you have been waiting for. THE FUN STUFF.

You want to know if yachting can actually fund your solo travels. Well I am here to tell you that it can indeed. Starting salaries for yacht crew are pretty decent.

First off, you don’t need to have an education or degree to get a job on a yacht. If you have one, it’s a bonus & will always look good on your CV.

Second, you don’t need experience, but if you do have boating/sailing experience + a water-sports background then it can definitely help you land a job on deck. If you have hospitality experience, then it can help you get a stewardess position. 

A starting salary as a deckhand and/or a stewardess is about 2800-3000 USD per month, which is about 2500 Euros per month.

Personally, I have never accepted less than 3000 USD. I have always been paid higher, and that’s because I asked for it and was confident in what I had to offer, including my water-sports background that I could bring to the table. 

This is a pretty decent starting salary for someone with no experience in yachting. Yachts will be willing to hire green crew and train them, so don’t fear the fact that you might not know what the difference between Portside and Starboard side is right now…

The perks of working in this industry is that you get to SAVE all of your money. 

  1. You have ZERO expenses → your food, accommodation, toiletries, uniform is all included. You don’t pay for anything unless you go party or stay off the boat and explore outside of work time.

  2. You get your return flights paid for → This is great if you leave a job, and the boat pays for your flight, or if you go on holiday, and the boat you work on pays for your ticket to leave and come back to the yacht.

  3. You get medical insurance → This is a huge money saver, especially in the US or any countries off the beaten path where your ER visit can rack up real quick 

If you are smart with saving your salary as I did, then you can have more than enough money to fund your solo travel adventures around the world. I spent 6 weeks in the Philippines living like a Queen. Mind you, Europe was a lot more expensive, but I also traveled there off-season between October-November. This meant prices of accommodation were half price, and I budgeted my spendings pretty well. 

I hope this helped to give you a better picture of the yachting industry and seeing if it is right for you.

My E-Book called, “The Greenie Guide,” will help you make the right decision and give you all the DETAILS.

Love & Light,




August 19, 2020

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    Awesome article!! I love your stories and you have some incredible insight and experience to share both about travel and yachting

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